Monday, November 19, 2012

our new normal

It's been a while since I have posted.

Life has been changing on me....and I am NOT a fan of change!

  1. But, I made the decision to close my business and go to work for someone else.  I am so excited by this decision!  It will make life much easier on me and my family.
  2. My Hubby is retiring!  I still can't believe he is...but he is!.  He deserves to have another life and not have to deal with the craziness that working in the prison system has become.
  3. Nash and his idiosyncrasy's have finally become something that needs immediate attention.  The day we went from Summer to raining & cold weather, my little man went from a little weird to wow....we need to see a therapist and get a diagnosis!  NOW!  And it was just like that.
  4. Sophie is really having a hard time with our new found chaos in the house and that is breaking my heart!
  5. And all of this...ok...just the kid thing is ringing me back to my childhood and the craziness it was.
I have new Mom and the rest of my family.  They have been creeping around and reading my, I welcome them.  We don't speak but I give up holding a grudge...they are who they are and have to function in their world and I have to function in mine.  And may the 2 paths never, ever cross.  There is a reason that we don't speak and I am not going to rehash is over and over.  The relationship is gone.

So, the past month has been a living Hell with the new reality that Nash has brought.  He has severe anxiety, OCD and possibly a spectrum disorder.  We are going thru the testing and diagnosis part now.  In our house just coping has been more than difficult.

So, if you have an extra prayer...please say one for us...this is going to be a long road to travel until we can get Nash stable and learn how to deal with him.

Now that life has some stability because of my new job...I am hoping to blog more. 

Thanks for hanging in there!


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