Thursday, June 30, 2011

kids and long vacation trips in the car.

As most of you soon as school was out....the family was to embark on a LONG mini-van trip to the state of Washington & Oregon to see my step-daughter and granddaughter.

The day before we were to start the trip, I had to get the kids packed, me packed and take the boy to his end of season baseball party.  I had already had enough of the children and the husband...and now I was facing 17 hours in the mini-van with them....and 7 days in a hotel room.


We needed to be out the door to go to the party one would listen to me.


I got my purse and keys and out the door I went.  Not a word to anyone.

After I was about 2 blocks away....I realized I had no where to go.  LOL

So, I knew I still had a few things to pick up for the mini-van, I drove to CVS, bought the things and came home.  As calm as I could be...announced.....I am not going.

I am not getting in the mini-van with YOU PEOPLE!  I have got to be crazy to willingly get in the mini-van with you people and be trapped for DAYS!

I calmly...or so I thought at the time...told the family these words.

This was back on June 6th.

After I went crazy for a while....everyone became human again.  Or at least decided that one day...I was going to do what I have always promised, don't let that today  :)

We went to the baseball party...we arrived very late.  (now ladies, you know why)  We had pizza, talked to people and thanked the coaches.

When we got home...I was promised complete compliance.  I was promised, as a team...we would go on vacation.  We would work together...I would not have to be the pack mule, the mean one....I would get to have fun too!

The next morning....we loaded up the mini-van and headed off.

Honestly...the trip there was not too bad.  It was exciting, seeing new sights.  It had been a very long couple of weeks with 2 graduations for our family and lots of  loose ends to tie my daughter now heading to high school....which I am not happy about!  It really was a great trip.....there.

We got to our hotel.  Then the reality hits.  I really did cancel our condo this side of Canada and booked us in a hotel room with 2 queen beds.  Yep...that was me.  Wow...what was I thinking????? will be ok.

Thank GOD for the fountains!  We had a fountain on the side of our hotel.
Nash was in heaven....Hubby was willing to smile as much as possible as long as I was smiling.....and Sophie...well, she can be bought.

The room grew smaller as the days went by.  Thank goodness we spent a lot of time outside of the room seeing sights and visiting with our daughter & granddaughter....and of course, the fountains!

Then it was time to go to Portland.  The room was a big downgrade.  It was smaller, the food yucky-blah, there was a smell, and no fountain...or really any outside space to talk about.

We spent time at Toria's house.  She has a yard....and pushable garbage cans!  SCORE!


I really wasn't sure my kids were going to make it home.  Whenever we had to stop....I would look at my hubby and say...I can get in this mini-van and drive away...and no one will know for a while.  No one would blame me.  Or I would look at him or the kids and offer to leave them at the rest stop with one of the lovely homeless folks that lived there.  He & the kids would smile...knowing...I was pretty close to serious.

If I heard...he's touching me one more time....I SWEAR!  If I heard.....MOOOOOOOM!  tell him to leave me alone!  If I heard....When are we going to get there???  AGAIN!

And the more they requested to stop...the longer it took to GET HOME!

Halfway thru the trip....I looked at Hubby and told him......I can NOT take you people anymore!

Hubby knew.....I was just about at the end of my rope!

We had a funeral to drive to the next day after we got home from Portland.  It was a 6 hour trip to Santa Maria....times 2.  I had to take Sophie and myself to say our good bye's to her Grandma - my Mother-in-law.  I knew it would be an emotional the driving!

I told and THAT boy are not coming with me to the funeral.  He looked at me...was disappointed because he was really hoping to meet David's brother.  But, he understood....that we had enough death and not to push me further. 

The earlier promise was still hanging in the air we breathed in daily  :)

I spent the next day...driving alone in the car...with Sophie.  She was plugged into her iPod.  She was a fast pee'er...or not if the bathrooms were bad....she could hold it for hours!  Her solitude could be bought with a candy bar or just plain money!

When we got home from the funeral trip…..I was calmer.  I had peace and quiet.  I listened to a funky radio station in the central coast wine country that was AWESOME!  I sang songs, talked to myself......and Sophie just listened to her iPod.

I love to drive.  It’s the most calming thing for me to do.

But……not………with………THOSE PEOPLE.

I do love my family more than anything...but there are times....well, you know  :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The challenges of blogging

Today...I am linking up with Mama's Losin It Blog, Writer's Workshop

Mama’s Losin’ It

I really did start blogging a million years ago....ok...not a million but back in 1999.

I don't believe there were blogs back then...I don't know but I did write...alot!

I started a website called One Womans Journey.  I loved it.

I would write about anything that was on my mind...which was the death of my 1st husband, the death of my son....and how I was going to live thru it.  Also, it was about Sophie, my daughter...who at the time...was my hero because she was the only one that kept me alive everyday.  Because there were days...I didn't think I would survive and many days I really tried to figure out how to make it stop.

I really would tell myself that Sophie would be better off without me because I was such a mess.  She was a baby....anyone would take her.  Then I would think about my husband, her dad.  I knew if I one would tell her how much I loved much he loved her....and just how much he loved me.  I knew that I had to stay make sure she knew all of this.

She is 13 1/3 now and I am remarried and I have a 5 year old son.  I did survive....not unscathed tho but survived I did.  If you ever meet my daughter you will be amazed at how amazing she spite of being raise by me.

So, I started blogging again really on Facebook 2 years ago.  I would type out every thought that came into my head on Facebook as a post.  I thought I was so very clever.  It took me a while to figure out that it was going to be really hard to get my posts back so that they were all together.


So, one of my Facebook friends started a blog and it was a light bulb for me!

What to write???  And a title??

I came up with this one...The days and nights of a very busy Mom.  It describes me.  I have children that are bad sleepers...they get it from me.  So, sometimes the nights are as busy as the days.

Sometimes tho....what do I write about?  I have found myself looking on blog suggestion websites for something to write about.  Never to find anything that interests me.

Usually I look at my day, my kids, my family....the loss of a shoe  LOL

I have started a blog one way and it ended up another and I had to change the title.

I do like lists.  These are very therapeutic for me...because I don't know where they are going to go but I always feel better when I am done.  Now, the having to come up with "a 50 summer bucket list" was hard!  I cheated a little but, I listed 50.  I read my daughter-in-laws and laughed when she didn't get to, did a lot of others.

To me....blogging is my own story.  My own personal therapist...with an audience.  A scrapbook of my daily life.  It tells me what happened, what my kids are up to, things that are currently annoying and I post photos too  :)  I write about the good, the bad and the stupid.

I wish I had a bigger audience but honestly...I write for me.  I print it out in book form and place it with my scrapbooks.  Maybe one day when I am of my kids will read it and, it's amazing we survived at all.....that woman was a wack job!  Or they will say.......She was a good Mom.  Or maybe they will never, ever read and that's ok too.  Because I do and did.

And everyday I am glad I have a place to express myself, to see myself....and to laugh at the funny things that happen in life.

The other day I also started another blog.

I love to scrapbook....LOVE IT!

I am a storyteller and I teach scrapbooking.  So, while I am waiting for my next teaching job....I thought hey...why not teach online.

So, if you are it is.    How to scrap your life

Now that a challenge.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

a thought about "Bridesmaids" the movie

I took my daughter to see the movie "Bridesmaids" today.

I laughed so hard...I snorted!

I loved the movie because it really got close to home and was a good example for my daughter.

Not one actress in the movie was a supermodel.  Yes...some were super skinny but they were a mess.  Everyone of them had a problem.

They weren't just pretty and skinny.

And the one that was gorgeous & skinny.....was so lonely she had to buy her friends.

And the one that was the most hysterical but most screwed up...kind of...was the fat chick.  And in the was her that had the answer.  It's not about how you's what you do with it and the confidence to carry it off.

OMG!  I loved that movie!

I have always been a fan of Melissa McCarthy.  She is hysterical!

We all have things we hate about ourselves.  But, we all are people....all flawed and trying to live our life the best we can.

It's always easy to look on the other side of the fence and, they have it all and I don't.  Until you walk in their shoes.

I tell my daughter this all of the time.  I have had some really horrible things happen to me in my life.  Raped, molested, abused, dead son....and dead hubby.  But, you know what?????  If I put my problems out on a table and you put yours out there....I would not trade!

I got the cards I was dealt.  I am playing those cards....good, bad or indifferent.

My life shaped me into the person I am.  And I like who I am.

Live your life.  And don't think others can tell you how to do it.  They can't.  No one has the answers.  Everyone has their messes in life and who's to say they have the answers for you.  You are the only one in your life.  Don't let others tell you want to do....make your own choices.

And one thing my daughter and I agree on.  Skinny people.

We know some are just born that way....others think they HAVE to be that way.  Skinny people have sharp edges.....chunky people don't.  We are soft and cushy.  We are a soft place to land.  We may not be pretty in tank top or bathing suits.....but, because of the crap we have taken from boys, so called friends and bullies....we got good hearts.

Think about this little tirade.  And go see Bridesmaids!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

more knocked off my Summer Bucket closet has been yucky!

I am not a neat shoe-putter-backer.  I kick them off into the closet and where they where they lay.

It drives the Hubby nuts! 

Especially since we share said closet.

I am too embarrassed to take a photo of the before......for me...that is really sad.

I normally would take a picture of anything.  And if this said closet belonged to anyone else in the family....a photo would have been taken.

Just sayin'!

I have an addiction to shoes....and not quality shoes either. 

I have found that shoes....don't care if you are fat or skinny.  There isn't a fat shoe store.  It is one place that we all can shop without weight issues.  I LOVE THAT!

But, one thing I have found.....that shoes do treat every one's feet equally.

I am 48 years old and NOT a skinny person.  For the last several years...I have had foot issues.  I have tried to find shoes to not hurt my feet.  Then one day when I saw Mr. Adam....Hot man chiropractor, I asked him why this one foot hurt so darned matter what I do.

Plantar Fasciitis.  OK....wth???

I immediately ignored THAT!

And darn.....DARN!  WTH!

OK...I found some flip flops that worked....for a short while...last summer.  And then Winter came.  They worked but my toes were cold.

Then a Foot Store catalog showed up at my was a neighbors.  I stole it because I was curious and really didn't want MY name on it.

After perusing the catalog..........I figured out that Mr. Hot Adam was right.  But, it had nothing really to do with age or weight altho it could....but not necessarily.   But, I had a problem and needed to find a solution.

So, I ordered a paid of shoes.....and when they arrived...the angels sung!


So, I have been slowly buying more quality shoes....for my problem.

But.....then I had another problem.  My closet.

So, I put on my list that I needed to clean out my closet.

Another problem my closet had....was this shoe.  I LOVE THIS SHOE!  I bought these shoes to wear to Ian & Emily's wedding....several years ago.

One time...when I was cleaning my closet....I lost it's mate.  I have been so sad!  But, I never gave up.  I kept him safe and knew I would never, ever give up!  I loved these shoes!

Today.............I found his mate  :)

Oh...happy day!

So, cleaning my closet was a HUGE success!  Not only did I find the long lost missing shoe....but, now my closet only holds comfortable shoes...or shoes that are known offenders but can stay because I love them and when I am in the mood for terrible foot pain, I can wear them!

So, here is my clean closet!

And here is what is going to be donated to those less fortunate people....or lucky people that don't have Plantar Fasciitis!
Sad really......I know I have a problem. 

But, now it is called a donation and tax deductible  :)

OK...still working on my list....

Friday, June 24, 2011

I know....I really don't have enough to do

As if I am just sitting around and twiddling my thumbs...I decide to start another blog!

I know....those that know me are shaking their heads....but really.  It's cool!

OK....well cool if you like scrapbooking. 

And in my life....there is nothing cooler...well except my kids, grandkids & married in kids....than scrapbooking!

So, go check it know you want to. do!

How to scrap your life

Don't make me give you the know the face.  OK....I don't have a picture of MY face doing the face....but, I do have one similar...........

Yep.....I made the body, I made the face...this is a face that you will not forget  :)  It comes from my Mom....and from her Mom  LOL

So, go check out the blog...seriously!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer....more than what I thought

  1. Normally....summer is 2 months of trying to keep the kids entertained and insanity!
  2. This is real first week of summer.
  3. We were on vacation last week...or the end of it.
  4. And Hubby was still on vacation....
  5. which means I was NOT  :)
  6. Kids have been NOT bad.
  7. It's been horrendously hot!
  8. And we have a new pool!
  9. I bow to you...the Goddess of cool waters!
  10. Even with Nash jumping from the ladder...
  11. sitting on a floatee and watching with a smile on my face
  12. is relaxing!
  13. RELAXING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I had plans of shuffling Sophie to Water Polo
  15. But, the fighting with her was a killer.
  16. And the cost ratio to bitching....well, just NOT worth it!
  17. I honestly don't know what I will be doing with that child.....
  18. but, she knows I am befuzzled.....and that is never good!
  19. So, she claims to want to help me with Nash but, I am not asking for help.
  20. This is true....I do HATE to ask for help.
  21. When I do actually get to the point that I have to ask for help....
  23. It's me.
  24. Back to the pool.
  25. Can you love an inanimate object?
  26. Well, according the show on cable...Taboo, you can.
  27. Do I feel the need to fondle the pool?  No way!
  28. WEIRD!
  29. But, I must say....that I have caressed it and said "I love you".
  30. I think this is going to be a good Summer...
  31. And I am not fond of them.
  32. But...this could be a good one!
  33. I love you....pool  :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Summer Bucket List....

Ok...this is a writing prompt from Mama's Losin' It!

  1. Go on a family vacation - done!
  2. Survive that vacation - barely!
  3. Go thru piles of paperwork I have in bedroom
  4. Go thru a pile of paperwork in kitchen
  5. Clean scrapbook room - done!
  6. Get pool up for the summer - done!
  7. Lose 15 pounds  LOL  I know, I know but it would be really nice!
  8. Grow out hair & have it naturally streaked by the sun....if I get in the pool enough, this will happen!
  9. Completely Wedding Planner class
  10. Start teaching scrapbook classes....PLEASE!
  11. Get into the habit of sending out weekly advertising emails.
  12. Grow my business of party favors by could happen  :)
  13. Double the number of followers I have on my blog.
  14. Scrapbook at least 20 pages.
  15. RELAX!
  16. Swim daily.
  17. Start fundraiser for soccer league with lots of help!
  18. Start fundraiser for soccer league without killing myself...more like it
  19. See or do fireworks on the 4th of July!
  20. Make lots of roasted tomato sauce for the rest of the year from the garden.
  21. Stock freezer with lots of peppers & onions, precut and ready to use.
  22. See about rebidding state job...
  23. or deciding on letting it go.
  24. Look for jobs I can bid to expand Errand Girl.
  25. Recoop timeshare points lost when I redid our vacation.
  26. Learn to let go more
  27. Prepare myself for high school
  28. Find a glass box to place Sophie in while she is in high school.
  29. Look forward to kindergarten again!
  30. Get Nash's fine motor skills honed.
  31. Clean out my shoe closet of all shoes I don't wear
  32. LOL
  33. Work on all websites.
  34. Figure out the best way to advertise online.
  35. Prepare for new school year & get plans going for PTO
  36. Why don't I have new board member's emails?
  37. Get them!
  38. Make appointment to meet with small business people in town.
  39. Relax!
  40. Find an alcoholic drink I like.
  41. I really need a Sister Wife for this next year.
  42. See if Christine can leave Kody  :)
  43. Play more.
  44. Scrapbook more.
  45. RELAX!
  46. Have fun in the pool.
  47. Enjoy time with the kids.
  48. Sleep more.
  49. Catch up on my scrapbook magazines.
  50. RELAX!
I did it!

    Sunday, June 19, 2011

    What is a Father?? What is family?

    1. Today is Father's Day
    2. I really don't get the father thing
    3. Didn't really have one
    4. I had men that were around that slept with my Mom
    5. Don't think that is a father
    6. Did have a real father that didn't want me around
    7. He said he loved me....but, also said I wasn't his daughter and shouldn't have his last name.
    8. So, I don't know.
    9. Mom married many men and lived with them or slept with them or just dated them for an hour.
    10. So, I don't really get what a father does
    11. When I married David and had a child....he explained what a Father was.
    12. Then he became the father I knew all along.
    13. He they all do.
    14. So, Sophie didn't get a Father until I married Lance.
    15. I still don't understand how to raise children with someone else
    16. I don't get....what a Father is.
    17. I know Lance is a good guy.
    18. Lance is everything the books say a Father should be.
    19. He is a great Boy Father.
    20. And I am learning that he is a GREAT girl Father.
    21. How do I know?
    22. Sophie seems well adjusted
    23. spoiled!  :)
    24. But, well adjusted.
    25. She asked me last week why all of her friends are obsessed with Boys.
    26. And why isn't she?
    27. I thought long and hard about that one.
    28. It's a good thing we were on the road for 13 1/2 hours that day.
    29. Then it occurred to me.....
    30. When it got to the point that she really needed a father......Lance was here.
    31. She got to have a crush on him like girls do.  
    32. She preened for him.  
    33. When she dresses up....she looks to him.
    34. And not in a way that I understand....
    35. She looks to him like a daughter is supposed to look to their Dad and her Dad looks to her like a REAL Dad is supposed to.
    36. Not in a sexual way that I know
    37. But, in the way I don't know.
    38. I am glad I don't know they way Lance looks at my daughter....because that means he is safe.
    39. And....better....Sophie is safe.
    40. I got so lucky when I found that man.
    41. The family I created is a work in progress
    42. Most are.
    43. I parent in a backwards way.
    44. I only know what NOT to do.
    45. So, I start there and figure out what NOT to do
    46. and after much deliberation, study and shear wit
    47. I do the best I can while going in the opposite direction I started at.
    48. My family of origin is a mess.
    49. Father died 9 years ago of alcoholism, liver deterioration, and heart damage.
    50. We divorced him when I was 9????
    51. I saw movies of when I was very young....he seemed like a good guy.
    52. He held me...the look in his eye said he loved me.
    53. During the divorce, I got put aside.
    54. He left me on visitations with his girlfriends or barflys.
    55. He took my brothers out and did things with them.
    56. He did things I didn't like...hunting, fishing, shooting....boy things.
    57. Mom made him take me....I cried.  He dumped me.  He & the boys had fun.
    58. My oldest brother and I didn't get along.
    59. We were always rivals for the attention.
    60. We did NOT like each other.
    61. We fought like cats & dogs.
    62. Since neither parent was ever around...I was the oldest and in charge and he was not having anything to do with it.
    63. He was my bully when we were young.
    64. But, I learned later......he just wanted out.
    65. Mom had remarried a man by the name of Marvin Gross.
    66. He moved us away from our hometown of Taft, CA and our father.  And moved us to Las Vegas, NV.
    67. Rick hated Las Vegas, hated Marv...hated everything and wanted to be with his Dad.
    68. Lots happened between us, in our house, in our neighborhood....adults were never there.
    69. He finally did what he had to do to get what he wanted...out.
    70. At 11...he got shipped to our Father.  Didn't see him much after that.
    71. On June 12, 2009....Rick died in Klamath Falls of stage 4 kidney cancer.  
    72. I was there at his death.
    73. As you know.....I don't have a relationship anymore with my Mom, her sister, their spouses or family.
    74. I finally stood up and said no more to lying, covering up and pretending that everything was fine.
    75. I wanted to finally be number 1 in my life.
    76. Not paying attention to the person that needed to always be number 1 in everyone else's life.
    77. There are days I miss her.
    78. There are days I don't.
    79. Everyday is peaceful tho..
    80. Except days when I get a call from my brother, Ryan.
    81. Ryan is the baby of my family.
    82. I protected him growing up.
    83. I was his mother most of the time.
    84. Growing up...Mom always said that he & Rick were her favorites.
    85. Boys were easy.  
    86. I was a terrible, crying girl that needed too much.
    87. When I asked as a child...why was I even born if she didn't want me.  
    88. She said she needed a housekeeper & babysitter.  
    89. That's why I was born. .
    90. Rick was born for my Dad.
    91. Ryan was her baby.
    92. Yet...I was the one always taking care of her.
    93. Taking care of him.
    94. I would tell her...when I had had enough...I would buy a 1 way bus ticket for her and ship her to her baby.
    95. Since I turned my back on my family...I get calls from Ryan.
    96. He claims he wants a relationship with me.
    97. But, when he calls....he is always drunk.
    98. He is always mean on the phone.  Always makes comments...and when I try to talk back...he shuts me down.
    99. He called tonight.
    100. I knew it was him when the phone rang.
    101. No one ever calls my house after 8pm but him.
    102. It was 8:58pm....riiinnnggg.
    103. I answer the can almost smell the beer on his breath.
    104. I am NOT in the mood to hear his crap.
    105. I don't feel good!
    106. And I don't want to be made to feel bad.
    107. His first line is...did I call too late?
    108. Yes family is asleep and you know that.
    109. You know you are drunk and you know you are not supposed to call me when you are drunk.
    110. A long a quiet pause..............
    111. and he hangs up.
    112. Have you ever been in a room alone but feel the slam across your face?
    113. Family.......special family.
    114. When I was young and in the middle of my nightmare life.
    115. I used to try to twitch my nose.
    116. I knew...if I could just twitch my nose like Samantha in Bewitched....I could get out!
    117. I never learned to twitch my nose.
    118. I stayed.
    119. I stayed longer than I ever should.
    120. I just wanted to be loved.
    121. I knew my Father didn't love me.
    122. Aren't Mom's supposed to love their children?
    123. I love mine....more than life itself!
    124. But, I know....this is NOT the norm always.
    125. I had a cat once kill every one of her kittens.....twice!
    126. She reminded me of my Mom....scary huh?

    Cooties, the pool and Father's Day

    I have cooties.  Will I die???  Nope.  Will I bitch???  Oh, yes!

    Hubby is in the process of putting in a new above ground pool in the back yard.  We had a 12 X 30 pool 2 years ago and it was the best money ever spent!  It has been stored under the house since.  We couldn't put it up last year because of the former dog and the possibility that she would eat it.

    While on vacation we ran into a 16 X 48 pool for only $150.  What a deal!  Includes the pump, ladder and cover!  So, Hubby has been getting the yard ready.

    He is meticulous about leveling.  He built a thing that the Egyptians would be envious of.  This kind of thing makes me crazy!  I believe in doing it right...everything I do.  But, when it comes to things the hubby can be driven into the ground.  But. in the will be perfect!  PERFECT! is going to be a great day when it is done.  The girls helped with the leveling we are waiting to get plastic down on the ground, then place the pool and fill it up!  Woo hoo!

    When it is done...I will be happy that he did it just exactly the way he did.  It will be amazing!  But, I can't be makes me crazy!

    When we first looked into buying an above ground was when I was pregnant with Nash.  I just wanted a little sompin' sompin' to get in and cool off.  He made a huge deal about it....I went insane.....and no pool.  I took it back after I gave birth to Nash swearing....NEVER AGAIN!

    Well's hot where we live.  I did the loading the kids into the car and going to the public pool.  It's more work than I want.  And honestly....I am no bathing beauty!

    We all know that having a pool in the yard is far superior to having to load up the kids, haul them to the local pool and then hang out in your lovely swimsuit when you do NOT look like this :)
     I know....this is shocking that I do NOT look like this.  Most think I do  LOL

    Father's Day.  Well, It did not start out great....I have cooties.  So, I slept.  But, the man took himself & Nash out to breakfast while I slept and then I gave him his present.....a new stereo with bluetooth for his truck....and the installation too  :)  I rock!

    Hope you have a wonderful Day of the Dad.  I will soon be going back to bed.

    Friday, June 17, 2011

    Mommyhood...sometimes fun.......sometimes not

    Yesterday....I took my lovely daughter to the pool the give a try at Water Polo.

    Why water polo, you ask?

    Why not.  I know nothing about it...neither does Sophie.  It's a sport that is in the water.  It's got a great group of kids that play it....and honestly, she can't fall and hurt her knee while playing it.

    We are not a graceful people...Sophie and I.  We both can trip over air.  If you have met know I am not a thin person by any means and Sophie is not fat....but, not skinny.  So, weight will always be her enemy.  So, we have talked about this...either she learn to eat petite or exercise.

    This past October....she was wearing to wrong shoes to play PE.  And on the basketball court, moved wrong and dislocated her knee.  Our family has BAD KNEES!  Our knee caps sit on our legs, they dislocate very easily.  And once they go out....they like it.  They do it again and again!

    Her doctor told her to stay away from sports that cause the knee to volleyball  :)  Yes, she played volleyball.  Dr Nygaard and her physical therapist both recommended water sports only.  The water will massage the knees while not hurting them.

    So, we are now looking at high school.  Sophie needs to be in sports....yes, she doesn't like it but that doesn't matter.  Swimming won't be available until Spring...and Water Polo is now.

    So, Water Polo it is.

    They started practice while we were on vacation.  We arrived after 3 practices have gone by.  Sophie is freaking out...nervous...and trying to quit before it even begins.

    I freak, feeling bad about her ambivalence...offer up TCA swimming....THIS WAS A VERY STUPID PATHETIC IDEA ON MY BEHALF.

    I take her to the pool.  I tell her I will talk to the coach to see who everything works.  And wam bam....they have her in the water....doing moves.

    Yes...Sophie is shooting me hate stares.  Sophie is mouthing words that I pretend not to understand.  I yell at her to quit hiding and to smile and have fun.  She shoots an invisible dart into my eye....hoping that I will temporarily die.

    They start to get ready for a scrimmage and the coach is talking to my lovely daughter when I hear her say that......"oh, I am NOT going to play Water Polo....I will do only TCA swimming." 

    Hello?  When did she get the right to make her own decisions?????  Nope...I didn't see the world end.  I didn't see them driving me into an insane am still the Mama.

    I am overwhelmed, I am tired from vacation and just so over hearing bitching children.

    We leave at the end of the session....I am disgusted, hurt....oh a million emotions.  And little miss lovely thinks she got her way!

    I came home and yelled at Lance...yelled at Nash and cried.  I did lots of thinking.

    And what I came up with was....I am the Mama.

    She is a child.

    She has to do what I say.

    So, guess who will be on the Water Polo team!  Oh yes!  Sophie Eula McVey!

    We had a long talk this morning.  She thought she was off the hook.  She thought that since she was sucking up to me, doing extra chores, being nice to Nash....she had won!   

    Oh, the naivete!

    I sat her down.  Explained the world to her.  Heard her side...about how her friends don't have to do this crap and her friends get to do whatever they want.  So, I told her she could go live with one of those parents!  Good luck with that!  Or she can follow my rules....and really.  How did she even think anything else was going to happen.  CRAZY!

    We are using a new parenting technique on Nash (behavior modification of child & parent)......and its NOW being used on Sophie!  Yep...that pissed her off since I made her listen to it the other day because she is part of the Nash problem.

    I got the "real nice Mom"  I take that as a compliment!

    I love getting that I hate you from her.  Oh honey....I hate you too!

    Oh, and my love.  Since I am yours and your friends chauffeur service and I don't get the behavior and compliance I am seeking.  You can find another parent to pick you up  :)  And give you money.  And buy you nice clothes. 

    Nope you know that is NOT going to happen!

    Oh...too bad.  Guess you have to comply!  And guess what....I am putting your level of compliance @ 77.5%  She will be required to try at an above average level.  WITH SMILES!

    Mom 100  Kid still very low!

    Honey......where have you been?  I have been around a long time!  I know every game!  I created some of them!  You are mine to rule as I see fit.

    Oh, and Sophie....I am SOOOO not as dumb as I look.

    This is what you can get.  Get with the program sweetie.  Life is short!

    Thursday, June 16, 2011

    ok...Summer is here...where is the rest?

    Technically....I have been on vacation for almost 11 days and I am more tired than when I started.

    I have another week off from my big client next week....and the hubby will be back at work....that ALWAYS feels like a vacation!

    But, since I got back...I SWEAR I have done 15 loads of laundry!

    I don't recall ever doing THIS much laundry!

    Is laundry really an animate object?  Does it breed like rabbits?  

    I am thinking yes.....YES IT DOES!

    Scary.  I am tired of folding everyones laundry and putting it away.

    I am tired of the smell of packed sweaty laundry!

    So, I think I have said enough.  You know how I feel and I am sure you too feel the same way.  Who wouldn't?

    I have one more blog to write about laundry...then hopefully...I am be over it.

    It will be called...sock pinning.

    It's a very dirty....funny secret!  Until I have time to write it.....this is all you get.

    Yucky, dirty, packed sweaty laundry.  Fluffing, folding....and putting away.


    Wednesday, June 15, 2011

    vacation is finally over and so is the funeral for Ginny

    OK...its been 14 days that I have been prepping for graduation & vacation, then just vacation....on vacation....DRIVING....and then Ginny's funeral.

    I am tired....bone tired!

    Vacation was awesome!  I feel in love with Washington State....even some parts of Oregon....but, I want to live in Washington!  But, the one thing I didn't like....and Sophie thought I was weird for thinking it...but the days seemed longer.  It was still light at 10pm.  Odd.  And when I was up at was light?????  Why???  If it has something to do with the time know you can just keep it to yourself...don't mess with my head!

    So, we had a great hotel just at the entrance of the Seattle/Bremerton Ferry.  It served a pretty nice breakfast, coffee was YUM-O, and they had the most fascinating fountains that Nash just loved!  Oh, and the beds....comfy!  It was a Hampton Inn just in case you are interested!  Million star rating!

    Nash is obsessed with the fountains

    love this one of Nash

    Grandpa walking Chloe down the stairs

    OMG!  These are the best fries in the world!  Fritz Belgian Fries with Red Pepper Parmesan sauce!  OMG!

    beautiful Sophie

    I just loved Washington.

    we spent time at a Mall.  Uncle Nash & Chloe were buds!

    this is where I want to live

    Pike Place Market....amazing!

    Nash and his obsessions!

    I loved spending time with Liz & Chloe and seeing the sights.  I miss them
    as we are getting ready to leave for Portland.
    Then on to Portland to see Toria!

    It was Fleet Week....the look in Toria's eyes

    Toria dying from the HOT Mango Habanero wings
    First night we went to downtown Portland and had dinner....and look at cute boys.  Very fun.

    shopping at WalMart to decorate Toria's room

    Wow...look at those cool new tires!

    And yes...Mom does a great job on her room!
    little Toria, the big sis and big Sophie, the little sis

    I had a great time with Toria....I adore her!

    So, we came home and then Sophie and I headed to Santa Maria for Ginny's funeral.

    It was sad for me.  It was sad to watch my daughter have to be in this situation.  It was a Deja Vu thing for me....same place I buried my husband.  I cried.

    I had a long talk with Mike about the final part of her life.  It was sad but it was her.

    I miss her.

    the headstone...

    after lunch....Maureen, Ginny's best friend, Vera, a very good friend, Mike her son and Sophie.

    Sunday, June 5, 2011

    how do we get so much laundry??

    OK...its Sunday.  School is officially out and we are about to embark on a vacation.....but first....


    I hate the word.  I hate the job.  I hate that I fold everyone's clothing and nicely place it on their bed....well, except for Nash.  I do put his in his drawers.  But.......

    As soon as he opens his drawers....he throws everything around...and its a mess.

    And my heading to high school daughter....takes the clothing that I have folded....and throws it either on the floor, in her closet on the floor, under her bed on the floor.

    My a stacker.  He makes stacks of laundry on the dresser.  I fold it....he stacks it.  Then one day....he puts it away...after refolding it.
    My hubby also is a hoarder of dirty clothing because apparently...there has to be a certain level of dirtiness before it can officially go into the laundry basket.  So, it is worn and strategically placed on things in our bedroom until it is deemed dirty enough to be washed.

    My daughter.....lovely that she is....wears something only for minutes then it is deemed dirty.  Or even the thought of wearing something...could cause it to land into the dirty clothes pile.

    My son....only wants to wear things that are already in the dirty clothes pile.  And his clothes...are pretty disgusting once they make it into that pile.  He is 5....'nuff said  :)

    Laundry........I am still waiting for the Jetson life.  I want Rosie the robot to come and put my clothes in a machine and they pop out folded and put NOT me  :)
    ok....2 more loads are in the drier...and waiting to be folded.

    Saturday, June 4, 2011

    post graduation exhaustion

    Well.....for those that know...I was NOT looking forward to my daughter graduating from 8th grade....she did it.

    So, I added her high school sticker on the back on my show that I will go along with her decision.

    I feel like I have been running for weeks to get here.  And yesterday......moved slowly....and fast all at the same time.

    The graduation was lovely....altho I blubbered thru the entire thing.  Then took family to Applebee's for dinner.  then went home, cleaned up...freshened makeup and off to the school graduation dance....where I was chaperone.

    The party was great for the almost 50.  It was not for me.  The fog machine was a killer for my sinuses, the music was hecka loud and it was WAY past my bedtime!  But, I am glad I was there to see my daughter have a wonderful time  :)

    I have the "day after body rejecting me pain", a swollen face from the tears & fog machine and ringing in my ears from the loud music.

    Now, you know I will do this again....its who I am.  but I tired!