Saturday, June 4, 2011

post graduation exhaustion

Well.....for those that know...I was NOT looking forward to my daughter graduating from 8th grade....she did it.

So, I added her high school sticker on the back on my show that I will go along with her decision.

I feel like I have been running for weeks to get here.  And yesterday......moved slowly....and fast all at the same time.

The graduation was lovely....altho I blubbered thru the entire thing.  Then took family to Applebee's for dinner.  then went home, cleaned up...freshened makeup and off to the school graduation dance....where I was chaperone.

The party was great for the almost 50.  It was not for me.  The fog machine was a killer for my sinuses, the music was hecka loud and it was WAY past my bedtime!  But, I am glad I was there to see my daughter have a wonderful time  :)

I have the "day after body rejecting me pain", a swollen face from the tears & fog machine and ringing in my ears from the loud music.

Now, you know I will do this again....its who I am.  but I tired!

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