Saturday, June 25, 2011

more knocked off my Summer Bucket closet has been yucky!

I am not a neat shoe-putter-backer.  I kick them off into the closet and where they where they lay.

It drives the Hubby nuts! 

Especially since we share said closet.

I am too embarrassed to take a photo of the before......for me...that is really sad.

I normally would take a picture of anything.  And if this said closet belonged to anyone else in the family....a photo would have been taken.

Just sayin'!

I have an addiction to shoes....and not quality shoes either. 

I have found that shoes....don't care if you are fat or skinny.  There isn't a fat shoe store.  It is one place that we all can shop without weight issues.  I LOVE THAT!

But, one thing I have found.....that shoes do treat every one's feet equally.

I am 48 years old and NOT a skinny person.  For the last several years...I have had foot issues.  I have tried to find shoes to not hurt my feet.  Then one day when I saw Mr. Adam....Hot man chiropractor, I asked him why this one foot hurt so darned matter what I do.

Plantar Fasciitis.  OK....wth???

I immediately ignored THAT!

And darn.....DARN!  WTH!

OK...I found some flip flops that worked....for a short while...last summer.  And then Winter came.  They worked but my toes were cold.

Then a Foot Store catalog showed up at my was a neighbors.  I stole it because I was curious and really didn't want MY name on it.

After perusing the catalog..........I figured out that Mr. Hot Adam was right.  But, it had nothing really to do with age or weight altho it could....but not necessarily.   But, I had a problem and needed to find a solution.

So, I ordered a paid of shoes.....and when they arrived...the angels sung!


So, I have been slowly buying more quality shoes....for my problem.

But.....then I had another problem.  My closet.

So, I put on my list that I needed to clean out my closet.

Another problem my closet had....was this shoe.  I LOVE THIS SHOE!  I bought these shoes to wear to Ian & Emily's wedding....several years ago.

One time...when I was cleaning my closet....I lost it's mate.  I have been so sad!  But, I never gave up.  I kept him safe and knew I would never, ever give up!  I loved these shoes!

Today.............I found his mate  :)

Oh...happy day!

So, cleaning my closet was a HUGE success!  Not only did I find the long lost missing shoe....but, now my closet only holds comfortable shoes...or shoes that are known offenders but can stay because I love them and when I am in the mood for terrible foot pain, I can wear them!

So, here is my clean closet!

And here is what is going to be donated to those less fortunate people....or lucky people that don't have Plantar Fasciitis!
Sad really......I know I have a problem. 

But, now it is called a donation and tax deductible  :)

OK...still working on my list....

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Pat K. said...

Glad to see the pair back together again !!! I'm not a shoe person, but have flip flops in every color. My husband hates the noise they make, but hey, my toes are free !!!