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Survival of summer with the obsessed kids :)

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I had a hard time with all of the FABULOUS TIMES I am having with my kids this week to come up with just, it's a combination of 2 of them.

Well...kind a

3.) Do you love it or hate it? An open letter to your child’s latest obsession.
5.) It’s hot, the kids are home and crazy, our pets are panting, the days are long…share your number one Summer Survival Tip.

Survival of summer with the obsessed kids  :)

I have 2 kids at home.  

A 13 year old daughter named Sophie.  She just graduated from 8th grade and is heading to high school.  I am scared!  And a 5 year old boy named Nash.  He will be taking on his second year of kindergarten because he is a September baby....and MY baby.

I only planned on having 1 child.  A girl child.  Then dead 1st son...dead 1st hubby...and a baby girl.  I later remarried and low and behold...had another child.

Don't ever have children spaced 8 years a part!

Each child is really an only child in a house with another child.

They have absolutely nothing in common with each other except that they want their Mommy!

So, we were on vacation a couple of weeks ago...did you read about that?????  Kids and long vacation trips in car  If you read will know...either I am crazy or on the verge of it  :)

Anyway....Sophie has been busy with friends and Nash has not.  He does not have friends yet.  We don't live in the school district and honestly.......the friends he made at school he didn't have much in common.  Except the girls...he loves girls.  I wonder why???  LOL

So....the first obsessions.....

This is Big Time Rush
My daughter is planning on marrying James Maslow.  He is cute.  

We have gone thru many loves in her time.

Aaron Carter when she loved him at (her age) 5
And now he looks like this.

Nick is the middle one...and he is older now too  :)

Anyway...we have been thru her boys of love....thank goodness all of the loves of her life have been stars.  Real boys she won't have anything to do with  :)

We have been to concerts of the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato and this Fall we will go to see Taylor Swift. 

Because I am a cool Mom.....I am going to take her to see Big Time Rush in 14 the local fair.'s a free concert.  Kill me NOW!

Yes folks...I am that crazy!  I will stand in line...while Sophie and her friend have fun at the that we can get good seat.  Because she will be holding a sign...saying...oh, it changes every day.  But anyway...this sign will cause him to look at her and know...that she IS THE ONE.  He will drop to one knee and propose marriage.  And of course....I will approve.

The other obsessions have to do with the boy, Nash.

I are thinking he is 5.  What the heck can he be obsessed with!

By 7am every morning, he is moving garbage cans up and down my driveway.  On Tuesday...garbage day...he is out the door at 6am to get the garbage cans lined up in anticipation.

We own a million balls!  I am not kidding!  THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!

He can watch a show over and over again.  I swear...we have seen the 1st part of the final episode of America's Funniest Home Videos so many times on DVR that I can recite it backwards and forwards.  I know you know the one.  It was between Cookie Face Race, Pardoning the Poodles and Snowed in Camera (ok...I can't EVEN remember that name of the last one)!  But, the last one won a trip on a cruise ship, a vacation in Hawaii and a ton of other things for that family of 6.  But, my son talks constantly about....the Water Coaster ride on the Disney Ship, Disney Dream.

Swimming.  We have an above ground pool.  He would live in it if he could.

And...folks here is the latest.  Crotch grabbing.  Not intentional I don't think.  And not his.  Mine & Sophie's.  The more I think about it...the more I think about it, he is really trying to tickle us...but with our height and his's a crotch grab.

And makes Sophie scream with disgust...which makes it that much more fun for Nash.  Heck...sometimes I do things to make Sophie scream.  It is fun!

So, between all of the obsessions this Summer.....I am about to raise my White Flag.  By the time Hubby got home tonight.....I had taken 3 ibuprofen and 1 anxiety med to cope with the raging headache after I made Nash stay in bed for the rest of the day and Sophie feel guilty for her part with the screaming.
They look pretty innocent.  DON'T LET THEM FOOL YOU!

Motherhood should have an instruction book....and respite care.

Thanks for stopping by.  Tammy

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a summer! Taking your daughter to concerts does make you a cool mom.