Tuesday, July 26, 2011

can you save money by couponing???

OK....I have been couponing since the 1st of this month.

I was very skeptical.

But, since I lost my biggest client that pretty much kept my business afloat I thought I would try it.  Either that or go find a real job that will let me do everything I want to do and let my business go.  Since there is no business that will do everything I need it to do for me.....I had better keep my business and ride out this turn of events.

So, Hubby and I have watched the Extreme Coupon show on TV.  And we were in awe!  And when I saw the writing on the wall about my client....I told him...I would try the coupon thing.

I researched it.  And found that in Northern California...Extreme Couponing is pretty impossible.  Our stores don't double coupons or even take multiple coupons.  But, I can save money.

So, I joined a couple of sites that help with the task at hand and I tell you....I am saving money!

There was one time that I had the store clerk applaud me for my savings....48%!  that is pretty good.  I don't have a stock pile per say yet....but, I have many of the same items stocked up.  I have saved money and we have more food in the house than we have in a long time.

I refuse to buy anything we won't eat.  Like roman noodles....I hate them.  But, we have a ton of the things we do eat.

And...I am saving money!

Instead of just taking my list and shopping at the grocery store or WalMart....or heading down the hill to Target.  I first go to www.couponmom.com

I login and go the the stores listed that are in my area.  I only have one grocery store that I can coupon in on her site...Safeway.  And lucky for me...that's the store I love to shop in!  I also shop at WalMart, CVS and Rite Aid.  So, I tag the store I want to shop in...and she tells me where the coupons are and matches them up to what the store has on sale.

easy peasy lemon squeasy!

I keep my coupon flyers in a stack, with the date on the top right corner just like she says to do.

I am telling you.....I am impressed at how easy this is.

Yes, it does take a few more minutes and preparation....but, not a lot.  And the money I am saving.....awesome!

So, now instead of having to give up my business I can now focus more on it, have more time with my kids and scrapbook more often....and I am going to school too.  To improve my business skills and get it to where I want it to be.

So, couponing....who knew?????

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