Friday, July 1, 2011

thoughts for the 1st day of July

  1. Ahhhh....summer.
  2. Some days I like it...some I don't
  3. I am already over having the kids 24/7
  4. Come on school!
  5. Taking them grocery shopping...together....on a Friday before a holiday weekend
  6. At NOT 8am
  7. What was I thinking?!?!?!?!
  8. Have you ever found yourself screaming at your kids in the store??
  9. And have NOW lost your mind!
  10. The stuff coming out of your mouth can never, ever happen.....
  11. without at least 2 other people to help  :)
  12. OK...I am facing a reality
  13. Pretty sure my contract with the state is over
  14. sucks!
  15. Altho, with the way gas is climbing
  16. and insurance, liability, wear & tear on my mini-van and so forth...
  17. not sure I was making any money really.
  18. But, it was keeping me in spending money for my little addictions....
  19. scrapbooking stuff
  20. shopping
  21. spoiling my kids
  22. damn!
  23. Other businesses are taking a little while to come up
  24. I am going to school...and that business will take some time to make into a money maker...but, it will FUN!
  25. Waiting to get the job teaching scrapbooking.
  26. Why was California the last state to get the revamp???
  27. I have thought about going and getting a real job...............
  28. ARGH!
  29. Then...
  30. what about the kids.
  31. PTO
  32. scrapbooking
  33. blogging
  34. I would need another wife to do everything I do for my family!
  35. Oh...Christine...if only you could leave Kody and be my sister wife.
  36. Leave the kids tho  LOL
  37. Damn!
  38. Now, trying to fill up the summer with activities for the kids.
  39. Throwing nash in the van with a movie to watch while I drive in not an option with losing my contract.
  40. I know...I don't know for sure.
  41. they could very well call me next week......
  42. But....its the state.
  43. Lots happened with the budget
  44. and....they got new equipment...even tho they say they can't send things digitally yet.
  45. I am trying to be proactive and not waiting for them to make the decision
  46. But, for me to make the decision whether or not I am done.
  47. So, I made the decision......
  48. and now...trying to live with it.
  49. It's like breaking up.
  50. I deserve better from a client...than to sit and wait.
  51. OK.....3 day weekend and family fun!
  52. Something come up.......really, really!

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