Monday, July 11, 2011

little boys and thier private parts

We have been going thru that time of our lives when everyone's privates parts are a topic of conversation for our 5 year old son.  In any public place, Wal-Mart, dinner, when company is store and to my friend the store manager  :)

All of the sudden about 10 days ago....he started getting interested in touching my daughter.  She is 13 and it makes her scream.  Now, its a game.

At first I did not think like this.

I was raised in a home with a molester and a Mom who choose to ignore what was happening.

So, this is a VERY OMG!!! topic for me.

Now, I guess I should have not been getting undressed in front of him a while ago.  It never occurred to me that it was time.  Our 13 year old daughter was doing the same thing.  To us...he is a baby.  And slowly......we realized he is not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I use real words with my kids...vagina, penis.  Always have.  Except now.....with the 13 year old girl....vagina gets a look.  And now...I kind of like...Who-Ha.  That way I can have a conversation in public..we all know what I am talking about but no one needs to freak out.  And...the bonus really irritates my daughter.

But, the boy has decided that reaching out and saying he want to touch my daughter's penis....causes her to scream.  So, he is a boy....its summer....this is FUN!  DAMMIT FUN!

He also likes to say the word anytime he can.  Which of course....gets the 13 year old to get upset.  MORE FUN!

And because the 13 year old just doesn't get it....argues with him that SHE does NOT have a penis.  Really???  Are you really going to go THERE!?!

He also likes the word....Boobies.

Of course...what male doesn't????  What male in this world doesn't want their own set to play with...whenever!

I told my daughter to start locking her door....because he wants in her room.  It was always a free show.....why not now????  This morning, she was taking a shower.  The door was cracked 1/4 of an inch.  The boy announces...I have to go potty....with a smile!  Really?  Do I look like I was born yesterday????

I had to start locking my door as well.  When I told him this morning that I wanted him out of my room while I showered....he demanded an answer.  I explained that he is older now....and now I need my privacy.  He can't watch me shower TV while I shower anymore.  His only remark....Mom, are you going to wear your flowered panties????   FREAKING PERVERT!  No my son...this is no longer any of your concern.  You are a big boy now go in your room while I shower....and shower twice because I am totally FREAKED OUT!

So, I have been telling my hubby about all of this and he really sloughs it off.  Then the other day...I told him....I will not have a practicing pervert in my house...I am getting a gun.  Now, I had his attention  :)  He talks to to boy.  Claims that it is all good now.  He did his manyly thing!

Nope!  Sorry are being played like a violin!

Tonight, I explain further to my astonished hubby......that the boy it at that lovely age and us women folk are at war.

You would think...being raised with brothers I would have been more prepared.

Maybe it was all the other fun in the house that kept me unprepared for this.

I just placed an order with Amazon....boy child perversion....HELP ME!  $50 later...and I feel like I might be on the right track here.

Summer parenting is at its all time low right now. 

Or I can look at it another way.  Our boy is keeping his mind fresh and ready for learning again when school starts  :)  Yes...that's what I will think.  I am Co-President of the PTO....I can't claim a pervert child :)

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