Tuesday, July 19, 2011

yellow, yellow...kiss a fellow

This week I am hooking up with Mama Kat for her Writing Prompts.

I love the writing prompts.  If you are just reading this because you find my life as fascinating as I do....that is...well sad  :)  But, if you are reading this because you have a free moment, am curious about me (my other name is Nosy Rosy), or just doing the look at 3 other blogs...I hope you feel better after you stopped by.

So, the topic that stood out for me this week was the color Yellow.

I don't recall ever having an attraction to the color yellow while growing up.  I remember my pink phase and then the blue phase that followed to show I was not a girly girl.  I don't have a TOTAL favorite color.  But, I do have a list of colors that I love and love how they make me feel.

To wear and to be surrounded by...is green.  Khaki, sage, celedon.....I don't like bright greens.  But, I do like greens that feel calm, earthy...relaxing.  Plus...I have green eyes and when I wear green...I always get compliments.

Also to wear...pink.  I am blond with a tan...I look good in pink.

To be around....red. Why???  You would think I wouldn't like red.  It's a Mom color.  When I was young...I never, ever wore it.  EVER!  Then as I grew older I liked being around it.  Not bright red or Chinese red but, reddish.  Burgundy or brick.  My house is beige with reddish trim.  The interior of my house decorated in reddish and greenish.  My Mom always said red made her want to fight.  Reddish makes me feel comfortable.  Don't ask why.  I don't know.  But, I have started to like wearing power red.  It gets attention.

To wear....again...white.  I like the cleanliness of white.  I like that it cleans well, is bright, feels happy and goes with everything!  Yep...I have a ton of white shirts and blouses.  I love the look of a white shirt and jeans.  Simple.

A color I have not liked in a long time....blue.  It has always made me feel...blue.  Depressed.  Sad...very sad!  But, as a scrapbooker I deal with lots of colors. 

As a Mom...my daughter learned her colors and categories of colors...primary, secondary and tertiary...before she learned her numbers and letters. 

Lately....I am starting to like blue.  I just bought a new quilt for my bed and curtains.  Needed a change.  Everything I picked had blue in it.  And yesterday....while coupon shopping I saw this nail polish and had to have it!
It is so not me...Hubby looked at me weird when he came home and saw it on my toes...and fingers!  I have not painted my fingernails since I was pregnant 6 years ago.  But, I love this color.  I love the blue ticking curtains in my bedroom that match my quilt.

Blue...who knew???

Now...I just bet you are thinking...she titled this blog "Yellow, yellow...kiss a fellow"  Ok...I am getting to it.

When we bought this house 6 years ago....I had never owned a house before.  So, I have never, ever had color on my walls.  So, after we bought the house I told Hubby that I wanted to paint the walls as soon as possible.  He flatly said no.  LOL  Really???  NO???  Oh honey...I don't think so.

He said that it ruins the resale value of a house when someone has to come in and see someone else's personality in a house.  So, I am not sure if I had to paint the walls because I was told no...or because I had always wanted something other than white walls.

I went to hardware stores and picked up paint samples.  I had them taped all over the house.  He hated them!  LOL

The first room I painted was our bathroom.  Oh...we was horrified.  I painted it khaki green.  I bought bright red towels and red rugs and added yellow to the mix so it wouldn't look like a Christmas bathroom...and because blue was NOT on my list.

I just loved the feeling I got from the yellow.  It was happy!  It was energizing!  It was soothing too!  Oh...I loved it.

Poor Hubby.  He excused my lack of knowledge and said I had better not paint the living room.

So, by this time....I was HUGELY pregnant.  I was bed ridden and could do nothing but think of painting everything yellow!

So, as soon as Nash was born and I figured out how I was going to take care of him and Sophie....and paint....I did it.

I am not a masking tape girl.  And I knew that I had to do it while Hubby was at work.  So, that meant doing it slowly...over time.  And I don't like mess.  I can NOT live in chaos!

So, I bought the paint.  And really hated using a roller and paint brushes in my bathroom.  I am an artistic painter by history Things I have built, painted or made  So, I decided a large sponge would be AWESOME!

So, the first day...at nap time.....I got the paint, a drop cloth for the floor and a towel to sit the paint on and a big wettish sponge...and painted the entryway! 


When I was done...I cleaned up and got Nash up from his nap.


When Hubby got home from work...it was the first thing he saw.  His eyes bulged out!  It was blotchy...just the way I wanted it to be.  Not flat and dull.  I wanted it to catch the light in different ways.  When he finally spoke he said he hated it.  I said....so.  He said paint it back the way it was.  I said....no.  :)

So, as you might have guessed.  About every other day...or when I had the energy......I painted another wall.  I only had time to do one wall in a nap time frame.  Then when I was done with the living room and dining room.  He said...it was beautiful  :) 


I am the second wife.  Poor first wife.  Never got to have color on her walls.  Even one of my step-daughter's walked in the house (she was 18ish), saw the walls and looked at me and said....."DAAAAD!  When I used a coloring book painting kit and painted my walls....you were furious." 

Oh, my sweet Toria....she was impressed!

And now...my step-son and daughter-in-law have a house and the first thing they did was paint the walls.

Not yellow.......but...not white  :)

Oh yellow.

A strong color.

A color to say...hello, how are you today?  

I am happy. 
I am energized.  
I am soothed  :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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Anita @ Mommy in Search of Me said...

How funny of a man to tell a woman no. It will be done! Good for you, I love yellow and painted my kitchen yellow and was hesitant about it for about the first week, then fell in love with how bright and colorful our home became.

Emily said...

I feel the same way you did. I am 41 and still have not owned my own home. When I was pregnant six years ago, my husband and I needed to "create" a room for the baby, meaning we had to put up a wall and split up our very large kitchen.

And too bad, landlord, because my little babe would have color on his walls! We had picked a jungle themed border with whimsical animals. The recommended color to go with the border and bedding was a soft orange, and so it was.