Thursday, July 28, 2011

when a Mommy is sick

It's the middle of Summer and we are struck down with cooties.

The boy came down with Strep on Tuesday.  I took him to the doctor and they didn't even have to do a culture it was so bad.  So, antibiotics for the boy!  the doctor said I don't have to keep him away from the pool and anything...he will be his own monitor...and sure enough...he was.

Then yesterday...while I was out running errands with the boy....I got a call from my daughter who was home with her girlfriend having a sleepover date.  I didn't even bother them before I left because they were up late.....waking up the boy  :)

But, she called to tell me that Hubby called to say he was working a double tonight and she was officially dying.

When I got home...........she looked like death.  Her room smelled of death farts and her poor girlfriend Sarah was NOT EVEN wanting to be there.  I looked at Sarah and asked if she wanted to go home....immediately she says...YES!

So, get Sarah and Nash back in the car, stop at Safeway to pick up Hubby a sandwich for dinner and head to Sarah's house.  She is grateful for the ride and to be away from cootie girl.

We then make the drive to Hubby's work, drop off lunch and Nash announces that since Daddy is working...we should have a date.  I tell him that if we have a lunch date....we are eating dinner at home tonight.  He consents and off to McDonalds we go.

By the time we get head is killing me and my stomach is yucky.  I take some ibuprofen and pretend that it is gone.  I take Nash swimming....and have to get out early because my butt wants to explode.  OK....I know there is something on the horizon for me.

As the day progresses....I am going slowly downward.  Yes, I want to die.

But, I can't.

Because Mommy's can't get sick....ever!  And if we do...we have to NOT be sick because then who will do our job????

I go to bed early last night...but Hubby calls to wake me up.  I tell him I am dying...he offers to come home.  Why??  You are not a won't help.

I then pass out.  I sleep badly....Hubby wakes many times to offer help.  I am lucky he offers...but, really what can he do???

Hubby wakes me this morning to ask if he should stay home.  No...then last nights overtime go to straight time and then it counts for nothing.  Please go to work.

So, now....I am dying.  The girl looks better but feigns death because she doesn't want to take care of the boy.  Altho...I must admit...her room is still smelling of death farts....its disgusting!  Maybe she is telling the truth.  And the well....a 5 year old who wants someone to play with him.

I explain that if he does NOT behave....I will not take him to swim lessons.  He must be on his best behavior because I am dying.  He says....Mommy, I am "being Have".  This really is the cutest thing when he says it.

So, here I sit at my computer because it gives me a reason to sit up.  The boy is watching TV in his room.  The death girl is taking a shower.  Its going to be 100 degrees today...NOT a day to be sick.

I have 6 1/2 hours until Daddy gets home and I can go to bed.

Being a sick Mommy sucks!

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