Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ok...parenting is not easy or cheap!

I have spent a sleepless night pondering many things.

  1. Really?  It's going to cost me over $700 to have Sophie's 12 year molars pulled and....3 baby teeth!  And this is just the 1st step into braces.
  2. You can have very intelligent children....who excel at 99% of the things they do.  But, if their fine motor skills lack...they are screwed!
  3. I got a copy of the course catalog for the high school many times do I have to say....I AM NOT READY FOR THIS!
  4. If I have to hold back Nash in Kindergarten....why can't I hold Sophie back in 8th grade????  Just saying!
  5. I have a hard time remembering that I am NOT an ONLY parent still.  I get to discuss options with my hubby.  Oh...thank you for being on this E ticket ride Lance.
  6. When Sophie walks down the hallway every morning after she is dressed...I always have to remember that she really is mine.  I keep waiting for the 6 year old to bound out of her room.  When did this happen?
  7. Do you get do overs???  Not that I have screwed up.....I am just not ready to be here yet. morning rant.

I am tired and have a big day ahead.

Work.  Kids.  And interview to be appointed on the Oversight Committee for Measure H that I worked hard on getting passed last November.

Can I just crawl back in bed?

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