Sunday, February 20, 2011


Today of course was pancakes & eggies day.  We can't miss that!  Nash would not be fit to live with.

It's our family tradition...every Sunday.  Unless I am too busy or too tired.  Pancakes made from scratch....oh my!  They are the best!

I have lots of prep work for today...working on a new design for customers.  Onesies made to look like cupcakes & baby socks wrapped to look like sushi. 

I also have to redesign my Errand Girl pamphlet to add my new endeavours....Wedding Officiant and Wedding Planning.  I can't believe how excited I am about this.

I also am going to teach a couple of scrapbooking classes for a 4H group.  I love teaching!  So, I need to to get everything together for the class.

And...while shopping yesterday....I found things that customers have requested that be wrapped for events.  Mint boxes, Ghiradeli bars, gum and a few other things.  So, I want to get the wrappers designed & fitted for my next show.  I am hoping to get into the Mother Lode Bridal Faire on March 13th. 

On March 25 thru 28, I will be at my Scrapbooking retreat.  I will have a table for It's a Wrap by EG.  Very excited about that! a list of things to do, better get busy  :)

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