Saturday, February 5, 2011

too early for a Saturday boy Nash.

I don't have children that sleep in.  They don't have a mother that sleeps in.

But, I have learned how to sleep in the past 2 years.....they have NOT.

Nash......has an alarm that is set for 6am.  This alarm tells him when he can get out of bed.  No matter what.....he can NOT seem to stay in bed.

We go along doing ok.....getting up maybe once before the alarm goes off.  Then BOOM!  We divert.

I also have a husband that can't sleep.  He is usually up by 3am....he goes to his office and plays on his computer.  The only problem with when he gets wakes me up.  Then I realize that I have old people aches and have to potty.  So, I get up....potty....and take some ibuprofen....and go back to bed where I then sleep. 

I have learned to sleep....I like sleep.

Nash got up this morning at 3:50am.  Came into my room and gets in bed.  I know he should go back to bed....but, he is my baby.  I like to snuggle with a warm 5 year old boy fresh from his bed.  I tell him & me....this can't happen.  But, it feels so wonderful...snuggling with my baby.  I miss it.

So, like a bad Mom....I give in.  I announce loudly...this will only go on for 5 minutes.  He agrees to go back to bed when I say to.  Oh...the snuggling.  saying sweet things to my sweet boy.  I am in heaven.  But, I know....this will cause problems.

So, in 5 minutes...I send him to bed.  I tuck him in.  I kiss him all over his face.  I tell him to stay in bed until his alarm goes off.  HE PROMISED TO STAY IN BED.

He lies.  Yep.....he does.

He gets up in 10 minutes.  I warn....Do NOT get up again.  And announce the the punishment....losing a Harry.  Harry is his best friend blanket.  He has little Harry...the favorite.  2nd Harry....obvious name  :)  And then big Harry.....number 3.

After 3 times of opening the door...the screaming starts.

I take Big Harry.  I go back to bed...hoping....this will stop.  Nope!

Screaming in now intensified from Nash's room.  He is slamming the door.  I threaten to take 2nd Harry..  I go back to bed and pray to the nice parent God....please don't make me take 2nd Harry.

Door slam....screaming.  I take 2nd Harry.  I really do hate this.

Now, I am laying in bed...listening to the screaming of a little pissed off boy....and totally don't know what to do.  Lance is now involved....this is almost never good.  Because Lance tends to go overboard or be Lt. McVey.

So, now....I have to get up and have a conversation with Nash to calm the situation.  Because now.....he is incapable of calming down on his own.

After a long conversation and establishing rules....again.  He is calm, I am awake and the day starts.

Parenthood is not for the weak of spirit or mind.

I love my boy.....but on a Saturday morning at this early time.  He is not my favorite person in the world.

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