Monday, February 7, 2011

Planning Tuesday

Yah!  The kids go back to school tomorrow.

I have the corner of my dinning room table covered with things to deal with tomorrow.
  1. The Alphabet Box.  I need to get Nash to select one thing to take to school to share.  He has to tell me the letter is starts with and then give 3 clues so the class can guess the item.  I love my boy....but, he always wants to bring in the same thing he brought in last time....always!
  2. I also have the ticket collection box and the bag that has the tickets, the sign out sheet, the money collection envelope, pens and other stuff for the our Grocery Opportunity Drawing for the school's fundraiser for this month.  It doesn't start until tomorrow...but I have already sold $23 worth of tickets.
  3. Information form for the oral surgeon that I will take Sophie to tomorrow that will decide how to best approach the removal of 3 baby teeth and her 12 year molars.  Yes, she is 13 and still has baby teeth.  They are not sure if the dentist should remove the baby teeth and then the oral surgeon remove the molars...separately....or have all of them removed at the same time by the surgeon.  Sophie is terrified of possible pain.  I am terrified of the cost and possible living in a refrigerator box under the bridge.  We just paid $1700 for dental surgery for Nash a month ago.
  4. The application I sent in for the Wedding Faire on Sunday.  I have not heard from them but noticed they have charged me so I guess I am in.  Need to get the 150 bridal show bag inserts to them for the bags....I paid for them to be inserted...and sat today making the 150 of them.  Damn....I hope I get clients from this show....I need to make a profit soon.
  5. And I get to be teacher Tammy tomorrow in Nash's Kindergarten class.  that is always fun....who doesn't love hugs and adoration!  But...its exhausting!  REALLY!  Nash is always excited when I work in his class......he can hardly wait!, that is how my day will start.

So, should wake up tomorrow....I had better hit the ground running!

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