Thursday, February 24, 2011

a storm is a comin' :)

I live in California. 

We don't really have weather...altho, since I have moved up to the foothills, I have experienced some kind of weather.

I talk frequently to my former mother-in-law, she lives in New Jersey.  They have been hit very hard by snow...SNOW!  So, I know....we really don't have weather here.

But, we are expecting a big storm.  As of this morning...all schools in the area have announced tomorrow as a snow day.  News warnings are blasting all over the radio station and the coming storm is all anyone can talk about.

They claimed the storm would be here at 1pm.  Nope.

Then.....5pm.  Not yet  :)

At 7pm, I came home from my PTO meeting.  The streets were pretty bare.  Altho, the store parking lots were pretty full for the time of night...I think?  (This is past jammie time for me...honestly )  but, when I pulled onto the street that leads to my neighborhood...things looked odd.

Cars were parked on the streets, not in driveways....because no one around here has a flat driveway.  Or if they do, its a dirt driveway. 

Our driveway goes down from the street, its short & steep.  Across the street, Patty has a long & curvy driveway, it goes up from the street.  Her driveway makes an awesome sledding area when its snowy.

So, when I get to my house...hubby has parked on the street.  He has to go to work in the AM.  I know that I will be housebound tomorrow.  So, I back into the, that just in case I have to....I might be able to get out...doubtful but I might.

So, It's now 9:15pm.  I looked outside...nothing yet.  Sprinkles...and damned cold!

I checked weather, and it is on it's way.

Nash is looking forward to playing in the snow tomorrow.  Sophie will play a little but will be working on her Science Fair project to close it up.

Me...if the weather is what they say....Errand Girl will have a snow day too.

I got the fixin's for Stuffed Cabbage soup....mmmmmm!  Donuts for breakfast with my coffee and the making's for hot chocolate to warm the kiddo's up.

I also have a ton of work for the new business's...and my 2 upcoming faire's.

I will enjoy a snow day  :)

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