Thursday, February 17, 2011

sleep...perchance to dream :)

Thank you school district and the weather.....I got to sleep in this morning.  They called a weather day and a 1 hour delay.  HUGE IN MY WORLD!

Altho, I was up a lot with Nash......he slept from 2am until 8am.  YES!  So, I slept too!  Life is great when you get to sleep.

Cootie Boy of last year
So, today.....I have nothing on my calendar except rest and Nash.  Hubby working a double and Sophie has a meeting so we won't see her until 7pm.  I called the doctor and going to take Nash back in today....just to check his ears.  His fever seems to be slowing down but...he is still complaining of his ears.  His poor throat is so swollen its hard for him to talk and he hasn't eaten anything in 2 days except medicine.

I wanted to take a picture of my baby boy....but....he looks so bad!  The picture is from last year....and he looks healthy compared to what he looks like today!

So, we are waiting to see the doctor...not my favorite doctor tho...the one I don't like.  But, at least someone can look at him and give me some assurance.

So, sleep...yes!  Dream...not so much but I do love that line.

OK....bills are calling my name...they really want to be paid!

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