Saturday, February 19, 2011

thank you David :)

Today....I got to spend the day with the most wonderful daughter, Sophie.
How lucky I am to have her.  She is the funniest person.

I have hired her to be my assistant at Wedding Shows and to assist at any weddings or events I do.  She has great taste, and knows how I like to do things...and knows my faces  :)

Today, we shopped all day for things for the business.  She was so helpful.  

But, was a joy to just spend time with talk with her.  To hear how her mind works, to discuss how things are going for her.

She really is the best parts of me and her daddy.

The moment she was born....David leaned over to me, kissed me and said...she is the best thing I have ever done!  She was the joy of his life.  Even tho he only had 6 months of time with her....he adored her.

I am just now getting to adore her.  Not that I haven't before.  I was always busy raising her, keeping a roof over our head, trying keep sane when I just wanted to crawl in a hole and die.  But, that I have worked thru my past and dealt with all that I had to deal with.  I have time to look and really appreciate what I got.

She is so funny!  Even when she gets mad at me for being a Mom.  She is so very dippy!

And so beautiful!  I love how she is really her own person....but I see me and David in there.  I wish everyone that knew David could know Sophie.

She is the best 1st thing I did  :)

OK, OK....I did this too  :)  But, she is only 13.  LOL Sophie-gurl!  I love you so!

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