Thursday, February 3, 2011

so busy I forgot!

I started this blogs many moons ago....and got so busy I forgot about it. I would think about it...say, I must get back to it....then got busy again.

So, here I am.

Dishwasher is running, Roomba is whirling, laundry is staring at me. I just printed out the minutes for our PTO meeting for tonight and a bill for the Mother Lode Scots that my hubby wants a check written to so that he can remain a member.

I have a pile of things to get done today....a day that is just for that. Taking the tax stuff into the preparer, a million mini candy labels that need to be trimmed and wrapped for the Wedding Fair I am doing on the 13th.

I also need to get together with a guy from Cal Green Recycling and get the program going for April at the school. Make a date for McDonald's Night for our school....its keeps jumping off my to do list but they won't let me make the date yet! Oh, and get the sad little total for the Dinner Night Out that we held last week so I can present the sad little total to the membership.

I also read an article...thanks honey for leaving it out on the counter for me with red arrows pointing to it :) That I need to get into the small business program office for some!

And....tomorrow....I face year 48.'s my birthday tomorrow. I need to order my cake...'cuz I am picky. I am trying to not worry about the age I am turning. I don't want to be vain like my Mom and lie about my age or be hysterical and try to avoid turning I watched her do many times. But, embrace 48.....but, I am doing so with one eyebrow hiked up. I am sceptical! I don't feel 48 but about 28. body is feeling like.....hell, 48! Mornings can be achy.

OK....I am rambling and I got a list a mile long for today :)

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