Friday, February 18, 2011

a 4th business? really?

OK...I have only talked about this to the people in my house.

Last weekends wedding show that I did...was awesome! 
  • I loved being out there and talking to people.  
  • I loved that I have a niche that is really untapped in this area.
  • I know I am so very good at what I do.
  • I had several people ask me....why am I NOT a wedding planner.
  • I never thought about it.
  • I have people skills.
  • I am VERY creative.
  • I am a take charge, get things done person.
  • I make decisions!  And they are good!
So, I have been really looking at Wedding Planning as a possibility.  And from what I have found....I already do it pretty much.

So, I bought a book that will tell me everything I need to know about what to do.  As most of you know....I am not dumb....and really....can pull anything off  :)

So.....I think I am going to do it.  I am going to use Sophie as my assistant....because she is awesome!  And she is going to need a job soon and she needs to learn what I have.  And she is good with me  :)

I have been doing so amazing research while being home bound with Nash this week.  I have talked to many people in the industry and I am in a niche that no one else has.  I am thinking of adding a few other things to my list.  Becoming an officiant.

Favors, going to start custom invitations and day of the wedding organizer.

I am so very excited!  I think I will be fabulous!  

But, I am curious.....what do you think?????  Kind of excited!

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Em said...

Awesome!!! This is something I have ALWAYS wanted to do too. You'll be great at it! (and if you need any help, I'm totally game!)