Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Who doesn't love kindergarten! 

I love walking Nash to class and the other kids running up to me to tell me about what happened to them last night, give me hugs, show me their new dress or new toy.  I always feel like the Pied Piper...leading the way.  I usually have several kids...mainly girls following me along and telling me things.

I have one girl...Luna....who feels that I am incapable of buttoning my own sweater.  So, every morning she buttons me up until I think I will suffocate.  I always can't wait until she leaves so I can unbutton myself and breathe. 

Today, I got to sing the numbers song, the good morning song and count all the way up to 30!  I did good!

Then  I watched my son, Nash present the Alphabet can.  He sat in front of the class...beaming!  He is a shy boy so doesn't say much in front of the class.  He brought a ball.....he always does  :)  He said it started with the letter B and whispered to his teacher the clues.
  1. Its a sphere
  2. You can throw it
  3. You can catch it
He got to select people to guess what it was...3  then he got to select people to make comments about the ball.  they always say the same thing.  I like your ball...I wish I could have it  :)  The really are adorable!

Then I got to listen to the teacher read a Valentine's book.  It was cute.

Now, time to work.  I had the math table today.  It was a hard assignment.  They had to do a dot to dot, following the numbers and when done it looked like a star.  It was hard for about half the kids.  Then they flipped the paper over and practiced writing the numbers 4, 5, & 6.  And do a math problem....4 plus 1 equals....5.  That was hard too  :)  My fingers are sore from holding them up for the math problem and each one bouncing as I counted it for each child and also pointing to the 0 on the dot to dot, then 1, then 2, then 3, then 4, then 5, then 6, then 7, then 8, then 9....then 10!  A star!

The kids got to use markers or pencils.  Some of the markers are scented.  So, everyone kept shoving the markers in my face to small how yummy they smelled.  Several times....they got to close and I got a marker dot on my nose.  The perils of Kindergarten excitement  :)  But, I tell you...the chocolate marker almost fell in my pocket it smelled so good!

Then when the kids were done with the assignment they could do puzzles.  Some of those puzzles are hard!  I always tell the kids I just can't do them...please help me and show me how.  They love that!

Then when Nash came to my table to work....I did most of the work for him.  I usually do.  And I can tell when work comes home...that other parents do the work for him as well.  Nash's fine motor skills are not here yet.  He is so very bright with everything else.  He can read at an advanced level...does everything at an advanced level....but, he is very young.  The skills just aren't there yet.

His teacher came over and we talked about it and she asked me what I thought about holding him back.  She really is on the fence over it.  But, I see his work...he is my baby.  I tell her that really....he should stay in Kindergarten another year.  I would hate for him to be pushed onward and have to repeat 1st grade instead.  I think that is more traumatizing. 

I had to tell my Hubby.  Why is it that men take things so personal.  I knew going into Kindergarten that he would probably repeat.  He was still only 4 when he started but because of his sister...lance really is taking this as a slap and not what it is.    He is our last child.....he is young  and who wouldn't want to stay in Kindergarten 2 years.  I know I wouldn't mind it  :)

So, yes.....my ego is bruised....but this will be the best thing for Nash.  1st grade is so very hard I want him to go when he can achieve and not fail.

I think he will be just fine...and so will us parents  :)

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