Monday, February 7, 2011


Monday...always a good day for me because the kids & hubby go back to their busy lives so that I can get on with mine.  But, not today.  Today is a holiday.

I don't get a holiday...I have to work but the kids don't.  Sophie is sleeping in her room with her BFF....because they were up late.  Sleepover....ya right  :)

Nash was up at just 6am....the alarm sounded, he bounded out demanding breafkast!

I got up...made breafkast, coffee and planned my day.

I printed out 150 with my compliments cards for the Wedding Faire on I just need to trim them and attach a wrapped candy advertisement to them.  And get them to the person who will bag them for the Faire.

I worked on all 3 websites Errand Girl  It's a Wrap by EG and Scrapbooking by EG  Making sure they were all looking and forwarding the way they are supposed to.  Also wrote a complaint on the Facebook wall of my new distributor of scrapbooking supplies.  Trying to get how they work???

Called my state client to see when they would be ready for a pick up by me...and Mr. Tag along, Nash.  We will get to watch Toy Story 3 while making the run today.....I am joyous!

Anyway....I am getting nervous about the Wedding Faire.....hoping it goes well and I am well received and I have made a good decision.

Ok....well, its time to get to, I had better get dressed and quit goofing off this Monday  :)

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