Thursday, July 26, 2012

taking kids to the dentist....YUCK!

I hate the dentist! 

I have had a fear of the dentist since I was young.  I was born with terrible teeth...terrible!  I had 8 root canals before I was 12 years old.  And that was back then....when a dinosaur held you down and used his claws to do all of the work.  Ok...yes, I exaggerate but, I was traumatized!

I also was in a horrible accident that broke the front of my face.  I went thru several surgeries that reconstructed the left side of my mouth and face....from the inside.  I did it all without going under because I was poor and the insurance only went to so far.

So, I hate dentists!

But, I am also a Mom!  And I have to take my kids to the dentist.  Sophie is not so bad...since she has perfect teeth! son.  Nash got his Mom's terrible teeth....and anxiety!

Yesterday....was teeth cleaning day.  Now, you should know.....Nash has a severe gag reflex.  SEVERE!  So, putting anything in his mouth can and will cause vomiting.  We have gone thru 2 dental hygienists.  But, yesterday...we got #3.  Trying to take the x-rays are hard!  I always try to stay away to give them and Nash a clean slate to work from.  I sit far away playing games on my iPhone to stay calm.

It never lasts.

Our hygienist was having a hard time....putting in the bite part and snapping the picture.  I was pushing the button for a time so that she could do it manually.  Finally....she was able to take the pictures...and get it done.

Then comes the teeth cleaning.  Better than ever before...but NOT good!

Here comes the dentist...saying his tooth brushing skills are not great.  I tell him that my Hubby and do our best to brush the boys teeth....but its a nightmare of epic proportions and we would much rather take a poker in the eye!  And that there have been nights that I have offered my Hubby $1000 to just brush the teeth!

They laugh...but this is true!

Then the dentist announced that Nash has 4 molars and they need to be sealed. 

I start making a deals with Nash...I will buy you whatever you want...just don't puke!  Please!

We get back the private room, where they prep him for gas.  I am thinking this is cool...make him loopy...that will work!  They set him up with a movie in the ceiling and headphones.....not so bad.  So, they put on the gas mask! No gas yet....just bubble gum flavored air.

It stays on too long and Nash gets nervous.  He begs to have the mask off........and they concede!

So, it took 3 of us to get the sealant on and hold him down!  2 hours later....we are done!

OMG!  The boy walked away with a gift bag, a pink balloon and a promise of a present at WaMart for all of this!

Another reason to hate the dentist!


Lane Goodberry said...

We've just developed an infographic with fun dental facts. It would make a good followup to this article.

You are welcome to use it. The embed code and infographic are at

la grange dentist said...

Not enough credit is given to the hard working parents out there. Thank you for your post.