Tuesday, July 24, 2012

High Speed Rail vendor.....part 2

So, today I drove down the hill to the Modesto DoubleTree by Hilton for the meeting of all interested contractors who are considered (the initials don't make sense unless you have them so...) disadvantaged (women, of color, handicapped or veterans...if I missed something, don;t kill me) and would like to be a part of the High Speed Rail Part 1 as a contractor.

I got there, sign up on a paper sign in and then on a computer.  There were probably over 125 people there....not including those that were talking.  The 3 prime contractors that were represented were Dragados, Samsung and Pulice.  But, there was also the Small Business Administration, several insurance companies that specialize in these types of bids, bonding agencies, the State and Federal government to explain the BS.  They gave their shpeel about how we are needed for their bidding.  The state has required that they utilize 30% of the monies spent on this project to go to small business, disadvantaged business, veteran business and micro-business.  30% is HUGE  Normally, these kinds of ids only require a measly 4% to 15%.  So, they are actively looking for people like me.

The room was packed with so many people interested.  Mostly....builders!  Those doing concrete, building,...you know...macho kind of jobs.  Not necessarily Errand Girl kind of jobs.  So, I listened intently and wrote frantically!  I have been around contractors before and know my way around bullshit!  So, I started making a plan for the room!  And started practicing MY line of smoothery  :)  And then....I put my business cards in my hand....and started talking!

I figured...start at the top!  I went directly to the 3 big contractors!  Introduced myself.....smiled and flirted!  The guy from Samsung was a doll!  I told him I was trying to figure out my place in this room and what I could do.  We talked and laughed...he looked over my card and asked some questions......then looked at me and said...we need YOU to pull this all together!  He said...you remind me of my wife....kicking butts and taking names!  I said...well, yes sir...that is what I do!  He said I really need someone like you for my courier, setting up events and helping to smooth out the ruffled feathers!  YES!  He did not put my card in his hand with all of the other cards he already had....he put my card in his breast pocket!  HOT DAMN!

So now....I am feeling pretty good!  I proceed to the other contractors and make an impressions.  Both of them encourage me to add certain words to my application that will go into the database.  SCORE!

I talk to all of the people who are here to make doing this work easier.  I shake hands, I talk about Errand Girl...even talk about my blog!  I tell them about my new Virtual Errand Girl services, I tell a couple of people about my sperm delivery services and teaching the divorced man how to do laundry and buy groceries.  I got lots of laughs!  They seem to love me...and give me more advise!  I am told to add "this" word and "that" word to my application on their database!

I walk around to each table, each person...shake hands, give them a card and tell them what I do!  And also tell them there is nothing I CAN'T do! 

I gave away every business card I took with me.  Every pamphlet......and blog card!  And came home with a stack of information!

So, this is a multi-billion dollar project that will span over 4 years!  I feel assured that I am going to get a piece of it.

Way to go Errand Girl!  I am excited!

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