Monday, July 23, 2012

High Speed Rail.....vendor????


A couple of years back I fell into a client...the state of California.  I jumped thru hoops and was classified as a woman owned business, small and disadvantaged.  I know...that sounds hideous but it's only words.

So, since California is now starting to build its new high speed rail...I am being talked to...alot!  I have been questioning their interested of my business.  I am a small business that provides many services....
  • Event andWedding Planner
  • Handling all of your errands and chores so YOU have more time
  • Pick up and Delivery Services
  • Professional Organizer
  • Wedding and Life Coaching
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Blog Writer
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Life Skill Educator
and not one of these services is hauling concrete, laying asphalt or any of the number of things that this  rail system will need.

So, after much dragging of my feet....and the constant barrage of emails from all 5 primes on the job...I am meeting with them tomorrow.  This is what I could possibly do

NAICS Codes - Do you know what this is????  North American Industry Classification System

519130 - Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Search Portals
519190 - All Other Information Services
541430 - Graphic Design Services
541519 - Other Computer Related Services
541612 - Human Resources Consulting Services
541613 - Marketing Consulting Services
541840 - Media Representatives

Of the over 100,000 job codes...this is possibly what I can do.

So, I have been emailing all of the Primes on this job and they all want to meet me.  So, tomorrow...I will meet 3 of them.  Should be interesting.  

I have not dealt with any type of construction workers/contractors since I was the Administration Assistant for the National Electrical Contractors Association and doing Safety trainings on job sites.

So, wish me luck on....whatever path I am going on  :)  Tomorrow should be interesting!

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Chelle Wolsak said...

Wow Tammy! Who knows where this could lead? You are definitely going to disappoint that cpa! Lol