Wednesday, July 11, 2012

saying good bye to Ginny

I am going to repost this blog.  I miss Ginny so very much and while I am on vacation...I thought I would repost my favorite blogs.

My mother-in-law died on Saturday, April 30th @ 1:40pm.

She died in Hospice care.

She had stage 4 lung cancer.

It has been a long week since I heard that she was dying and at the end.

I have been through a lot of deaths....but, Sophie was always very young or didn't really know the person so I never had to tell her about the death of anyone she loved.

Until now.

I hated telling her.  There is never a good way to tell someone that a person they love is gone.

I remember hearing those words from other people about others deaths.  No one does it one.

I feel an empty spot where she once was in my heart.

I was so busy yesterday with stuff going on at school....I forgot she was dead.  And was thinking about what kind of flowers to send her for Mother's Day.

Then I remembered.

I can't send Mother's Day flowers anymore and never will.

Last night I sat with Sophie and ordered flowers....but for Ginny's funeral.  Sophie picked some beautiful flowers.  She wanted funeral flowers...until she saw what they really are.

I hate funeral flowers....and now....Sophie does too.

We struggled with the wording on the card.  Trying to use their suggestions for condolence cards....Sophie was horrified.

She finally just wrote...I love you, Sophie.

this was taken 2/2010 when we went back last year.
I wrote...I will miss you tremendously, your daughter-in-law.

this was taken when we went back in June, 2006
Oh...Ginny...we will miss you and the connection your provided to Sophie's family.

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