Sunday, July 1, 2012

going to Prompt Care when you are sick is like going to the gas station when you want a steak!

My boy...came home Thursday from day camp with the cooties.  Fever, feeling yuckie!

For 3 nights....he has kept me awake all hours of the night with fevers, crying from pain.  It's been awful!

Yesterday, I took him to Prompt Care...suspecting one of the following -
  • ear infection
  • molars coming in
  • strep
  • impending death!
After it was all over....they said wow...he sure has a fever.  They stuck sticks down his throat for cultures....and after reading them...said he was fine.  Sending us home with nothing but a note saying push fluids and how to control a fever with medicine.

Really, as a Mom for over 14 years...I had no idea to do that? should push liquids???  And take medicine for a fever.  I thought if you just twiddled your would go away.

So, boy is worse!

So, I take him to the emergency room.  Since I was at Prompt Care for over 2 1/2 hours yesterday.  I really packed for the appointment.  Kindles, iPhone, water bottles, medicine (since now I know how to use it).

We get into triage...I give the nurse the run down.  She looks at my poor little pale, white boy and shutters.  She takes his's 104.5!

She puts us in a room and we wait.  We were there for over 3 hours.  But, the culture they took yesterday at Prompt Care...she looked at.  She had never seen anything grow so fast!

She comes is...saying my boy needs to be put on steroids, she recommends a shot of penicillin NOT pills and says that they boy is slightly dehydrated.

My poor boy!  And sadly...his poor mama!  He is exhausted and feels terrible!  And I am exhausted and bitchy!

Gosh...I hope he gets better soon!

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