Sunday, July 29, 2012

2012 Summer Olympics in London...are you watching?

I am watching as much as I can.

The Opening ceremony was amazing!  I was glued to my seat the entire time it was so beautiful and majestic!  I can't imagine what it took to bring all of that together and make it look so easy!

And having the Queen jump out of a plane...with James Bond.  Wow!

I watched the bicycle racing with my son yesterday morning...he was transfixed.  And watched teh women's diving team take Silver.  wow!  And women's skeet shooting...Gold!  Hoot!

I am not an any means!  LOL  But, I do love to watch the Olympics and cheer all of the athletes on! 

Even those not from America!  Because...just to get there...was a huge undertaking!

What is your favorite one to watch??

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