Monday, July 9, 2012

what is your HELL? Swimsuits????

This is my hell.  It doesn't look too horrible.  A shopping cart.  Wait is that a shopping cart in front of a dressing room???

Holey Hell!

Yes,'s swimsuit season!

This photo was taken outside of the dressing room at Kohl's, as I was listening to my daughter cry about swimsuits. 

Then I think of worse things.........
  • pelvic exam with a smelly doctor and a cold speculum
  • having your Granny talk to you about her & Grandpa's sexual problems and how they handle them with the Adam & Eve catalog (I would like to say this is NOT true or never happened...but, I am still trying to sear this from my memory!)
  • going to the dentist and find out he really, really loves to inflict pain  :)
Nope...I would take all of this and more to not have to listen to my daughter cry in a dressing room.

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Anonymous said...

Sub that out to an errand service next time.