Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Random Tuesday yuckies!

Today, I know for a fact that my boy gave me strep throat!


Last night while putting on my swimsuit to make him quit whining, I accidentally hit my neck...and knew!  I am going to die of strep throat!

But, today I had a client and have a HUGE BBQ to plan for the Humane Society at the end of the month so...I gotta pull it together!

While on the road for my client...I call my doctor and plead!  Please....how long until you can give me some meds for this horror that is taking place in my body???

I did kind of cry...a little on the message....because I was thinking....I AM DYING!

The nurse calls me back and says she is calling in a Z-pak for me!  Ok, now I cry!

So, I come home...find out that hubby...even tho is on vacation...is out doing husband things and not doing the honey do list I left.  And forgot to take out stuff for dinner!

So, I drop the boy off because he has been with me while driving so that he can ride the one of 4 elevators in our town.  Then off to pick up mason jars at the HSOTC thrift store to make the amazing centerpieces for the 30 tables  :)

While loading the mason jars in my van...I sway....shit....fever spike!  I sit on the ground and cry.


I get composure...and get in the van and proceed home.  Because it is now really obvious to me...I am sick and need to be NOT driving!

So, I come home and tell Hubby to shoot me.  He is currently losing at a conversation with the boy about staying in jammies and getting better.  So, I look at the boy and announce...I am putting on my jammies and going to play on the computer and watch Phineas & Ferb.  This solves that problem!

So now...I am playing on the computer...writing my blog, party planning, invoicing clients and redesigning my brochures while listening to my boy watch Phineas & Ferb while playing with his Angry Birds.

OK...back to work....in my jammies!

I am linking up with Stacy Uncorked today! 

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Elle said...

I hate strep! I always know I have it because I pass out. More reliable than the rapid strep test! Feel better!

I love Phineas and Ferb!