Wednesday, February 16, 2011

walking in Zombieland


OK people......

It's been days since I have slept.  As most of you Mommies know....when you have a sick child, you never, ever sleep.

Saturday night I was so nervous about the Wedding Faire I hardly slept at all.

Sunday night I was exhausted from doing the show.  Then my brother called...laid a bunch of guilt on me.  Then Nash got sick.

Oh, the first night of a cootie attack isn't so bad anymore.

When he was was always about puke.  Yep....Nash is a puker.  Yep....nothing like being the Mom of one of those kids.  But now....he is pretty good.  He can actually hold it until he gets to the bathroom.  

Just gotta say WOW!

But, Sunday night....he woke up, I drugged him, we watched a little Nick @ Nite.
This has been our tradition since....the beginning of time.  If you get up at night, you get to snuggle with Mommy while watching Nick @ Nite for one episode...only!  Then you get tucked into bed with a warning....don't get up again.

Monday comes....I have to work but I have my sidekick Nash with me.  And he is determined to NOT want to go to work.  So, there is a ton of whining but...I own a business, I don;t get to call in sick.  We go to work.  But, I watch him carefully and know....he needs to see the doctor.  It's determined that he has tonsillitis.  My poor baby.

Tuesday....his throat is really swollen.  But to work we must go.  He is pretty good.  He rides with me in his jammies.  We go up the hill to Mi-Wuk, Sugar Pine & Twain Harte.  Easy trip...I love to drive.  But,he really feels crappy.  And is whining and I am whining because I am tired too.

Last night....I was up most of the night.  The whining, the fever, the worry.  Oh, I am so tired.

Today, again I have to work....I have to drive to Jamestown, Angel's camp, San Andreas....and return back the same way.  It really is an easy trip.  Nash can sit in the back of the a DVD.

But, I am wiped out!  I am exhausted!

And Sonora in the Round.  The night that Sophie & I get to really see what will be offered at the high school.  She will be there all day....she is excited!  I am worried and tired.  Yes...I have cried a lot about high school....and now I am crying because I am exhausted!

So....I am a zombie Mom...trying desperately trying to be super Mom.

And I am so tired.


Em said...

where's the supermom cape when you need it....cause you definitely need it! I think it's time you took a nap, I'm tired just reading this!

Deborah said...

oh poor baby... (you not Nash). Sorry I'm not there to help.