Thursday, September 15, 2011

locked out

I am hooking up with Mama Kat  today for a sad little story about locking my child in the house while I was insane  :)  Ok...not insane per say but back when Sophie was a tiny baby and I was a grieving new widow.

She was so cute!

A long time ago, in a far away land....I got myself locked out of my house....with my baby asleep in her crib.


I can now look upon that as a time that could have been funny....but, was not.  Now, I laugh.  But, then I was hysterical!

Sophie was just 6 months old.  Her Daddy had just passed away about 10 days prior to this day.  As you can imagine....I was not in good condition.  I was hanging on my threads....really!

This day...was like any other.  I had gotten home from work, put Sophie to bed (she came to work with me at that time) for a nap.  It was about 2pm.  And at the time...I had a million sympathy cards coming in.  So, if I missed picking them postman would send everything to the post office to make me pick them up.  So, I was diligent.

We lived in an apartment.  It was a transitional stop for us.  Hubby was working in Santa Barbara and my office was in Santa Maria.  We were saving money to move to Santa Barbara so, had chosen Lompoc as a between place that was cheap and in the middle.

So, everyday I would put Sophie down for her nap, lock the front door and walk the half a block to our mailbox.....and then walk back.  I was a nice peaceful walk.  Alone.  Time to breathe some fresh air and think about the future and my life.

On this particular day....I was in a pretty good mood, until I got to my door.  Where was the key????

I searched my key.

Where was the f$%#ing KEY?????

OMG!  I left it in the house.  And the other key...the one that belongs to my dead in the house!  WHAT AM I GOING TO DO??  I became a little hysterical.  This was before cell phones for regular people and besides...who would I call.  The owner of my other key is dead.

This is now the only time I was grateful to be living in an apartment!  I hysterically walked to the office....about 2 blocks away.  Told them the tale...they handed me a key and back I went.!  The RUN back was horrible!  I called myself every name in the book for locking my child in a house...alone!  What would have happened if there was a fire???  An explosion?  Nuclear War????

As someone that at the time worked for Court Appointed Special Advocates I was horrified at what I had done.

By the time I had gotten back into my house.  Nothing had happened.

Sophie was still asleep.

And I was a mess!

And you know...I never, ever did that again  :)

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Chelle Wolsak said...

OmG! I did that same thing when my daughter was little! {not 6 months old but 3 or 4} She was napping on the sofa and I ran downstairs to get something out of my car! {which was parked right in front of my apartment, but still!} And in my case the mgr lived downstairs but wasn't home. My neighbor came home after 10 min or so and had a ladder on his truck. He was able to climb through the only unlocked window which was my bedroom on the 2nd floor.
I was at least relieved that no one was able to break in. Another neighbor had tried the old credit card trick and even a spatula!
I haven't thought about that day for years lol. =}