Sunday, September 18, 2011

making life easier with glasses

I wear glasses and have worn them since I was 4 years old...yes, 4  :)

I tried to wear contact lenses but, after much practice, I could not even get them in....and then out of my eyes.  It freaked me out!

So, I wear glasses.  Bi-focals even. the age of eyes went south.  This makes me fanatical about how I see.

I signed up to do a review about lens cleaners on a site.  They shipped me a box of cleaners, individually wrapped in a box that I keep on my kitchen counter.  They are great!

When I first opened the shipping box...I thought wow...they are very industrial looking.  But, I opened them, opened one of the individual packets....and cleaned my glasses.
They did a great job!  They do smell very alcohol-y but they get the job done!  They cut the oils that seem to find their way onto my glasses from my skin or my son's fingers.

Go check them out.  If you are an eyeglass wearer....and like a clean lens.  This is for you  :)


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