Sunday, September 11, 2011

busy, busy......busy

You can certainly tell that September is here....even if it is still hot.

Kids are back in school!  YEAH!

Soccer is back with practice during the week and games on Saturday.

And my schedule is packed with meetings, my own school, kids birthdays.

Things I think about while running like a maniac....

  1. I can hardly wait for four days to myself at scrapbook retreat!
  2. Christmas is almost here
  3. Ginny's birthday is next Sunday...makes me sad.  Sophie wants to go out to dinner...I would like to send up some balloons.  She said that will make her sad.  I am sad.
  4. Can I pull this off????  writing articles, blogging, school, meetings....everything???
  5. I love my family....but, I miss my Mom.
  6. But, I am enjoying the peace & calm of NOT having a relationship with her.
  7. But, I am like a dog......I miss my Mom.
  8. I am glad Sophie only has me as a Mom....but, I think if you get a screwed up should get to get another one.
  9. And not one that tells me how terrible I am or fat or that I am a bad Mom.  One like I see others like me.  A little overprotective but knows it.  A Mom's who's eye light up when I walk in the room.  My eye's light up when my kids walk in the room.
  10. I miss Ginny.  She was my second Mom.  She loved me and didn't have to.
  11. I miss having someone my corner.
  12. Someone to call when I need them.
  13. They don't have to have the answer...they just have to answer the phone.
  14. I so want to matter, to be someone.  
  15. To be someone that someone is proud to know.
  16. I run hard and matter. I am crying.  Must be a good therapy thought  :)

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