Saturday, August 27, 2011

count down to the first day of school

Ok...I survived Sophie going to high school....barely!
she is so beautiful!  and still only 13!

Oh, I wish she was back in kindergarten!
But, what about our second year of kindergarten for Nash???  Almost didn't make it on Friday when I found out that they did NOT place Nash with the same teacher as last year.  I should have looked at the board like every other parent had to do.  Instead of ASSUMING that what was discussed in the end of the year meeting when I signed the paperwork to retain Nash in Kindergarten...was still the same.  And since I knew the beginning of school for the staff & teachers is more chaotic than it is for the students sometimes.

But, I am a Mom...and I cried because Nash was upset.  And didn't think with my head but....freaked with my heart.  But, in the end...after tears and much walking about to find the got taken care of.  Of course it did  :)

I freaked and worried for nothing.  But, that is what an overly reactive Mommy does.

So, we are in the class we BOTH wanted and can hardly wait for school to start!

So, Nash starts Kindergarten on Monday...again  :)
my boy loves his garbage cans!

He is so very ready for Kindergarten this year.  I wasn't sure last year if he was ready or not....and gave him a 50/50 shot.  Mainly...because I was ready for him to go to school.  And looking back...I am still glad I made that decision.  He needed 2 years of Kindergarten.

So, Monday....I send my boy off once again into the big world of education.  But, with a teacher & teacher's assistant that he loves and they love him right back.

And....his teacher moved into a new room.  She is now in the same classroom that Sophie was in for Kindergarten (Sophie's teacher retired last year).  With the house that I painted for her classroom 10 years ago.  It's worn and I offered to repaint it but we agreed it has weathered just fine.  She bought some new dolls for the house.  I am so thrilled to have this come around again.

Both my carved out the trail and the other one following in the foot steps...but, in his own way.

And what will I do with my free-time???? 

Well, I am going to school.  One class I am taking online -  I am learning the wonderful world of event & wedding planning and the other class I am taking at the local Chamber of Commerce, Entrepreneurship.  Yes, I have owned a business for the last 6 years.....but, now I need to really learn about business and do it right.  And now...I am a different person than the person I was when I opened it.  And I am looking at changes I can make to suit the person I am now.

So, all of us in school.

It's going to be an exciting year!

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SUPAHMAMA! said...

What an awesome journey to go on with your kids! The mere aspect of going back to school (myself) sends me into a panic. You are a brave Mama and I think it is TOO COOL that your dollhouse is still there. :)