Saturday, August 20, 2011

a light and airy list of randomness :)

  1. 9 days until Nash starts school!
  2. I am so damned excited!
  3. we are practicing making our lunch in the morning and eating it properly at lunch time.
  4. he flunked lunch last year
  5. the loudness and kids freaked him out
  6. so, we are practicing
  7. that boy!
  8. he is soooo very envious of our neighbors garbage can.
  9. he is a coveter
  10. yes, we have gone biblical!
  11. when we went on the garbage field trip...I had an employee explain why we cant have the smallest garbage can.  
  12. We have explained that our family is too big...we have to have the large one.
  13. Well, today my son started pointing and telling me that I had to go and to take Sophie.
  14. He wants a small garbage can
  16. So, I told him that no....I was not going, I was staying with Daddy.
  17. The great thing about all of its teaching him math skills.  adding and subtracting.
  18. so, he tells me he is packing and moving across the street to Lynn's
  19. because he has the coveted garbage can.
  20. I tell him my rule!
  21. I own everything in this house....including you!
  22. If you leave my must go naked because I own your clothing, toys...and the all might Harry blanket!
  23. And I remind him.....they do NOT have chicken nuggets.  They are adults and they don't eat kid food.
  24. Oh...he ponders this!
  25. announces...I am taking Sophie.
  26. He says...she will take care of me.
  27. Oh...this is getting really good.
  28. I tell him to go get his sister.
  29. She comes...I announce.....undress.  say good bye to everything you have and march accross the street!
  30. So long!  See Ya!
  31. Nash is encouraging her...saying we don't need them...lets go.
  32. Sophie is quite confused...she is 13 and has been behind her door with an iPod in her ears.  She is clueless
  33. I get her up to speed.
  34.  Horror!
  35. She looks at Nash and are on your own!  I am outta here!
  36. Nash now...tries to bond with Daddy, of whom he was just about to leave for the love of a garbage can
  37. Nope...Daddy is a little bent as well. 
  38. Nash changes tactics.
  39. Now.,....once again....I am the enemy!
  40. Nash tells Daddy...lets get outta here.  Lets go somewhere.
  41. Ahhhh....Nash has no clue!
  42. I announce......Daddy is grounded.  He did not wash my car.
  43. What are these people thinking???
  44. I jumped out of the cabbage truck yesterday???
  45. I rule this house.
  46. No one does anything unless I approve it.
  47. GAME OVER!
Mommy wins....once again!

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