Friday, August 5, 2011

almost Saturday & dealing with garden foods

Just got home from a PTO meeting at the local Mexican restaurant....I did good with 2 margaritas...they were awesome!  The gals on our board are amazing!  This is our second meeting since elections and I think we are going to do great!

Brandi I love you....I am no longer the only big mouth on the board  :)

So, did my big weekly coupon shopping today instead of tomorrow......and will NOT do that again!  Taking the boy shopping when trying to save money with coupons does not work.  But, at least it's done.

And was also able to make a 2 loaves of zucchini bread....oh, they smell so good!  I even made them with half zucchini & half yellow squash.

Then the other day Hubby brought in these Italian peppers.  Last year I didn't know what to do with them...and again this I didn't.  So, I asked people on Facebook and was sent a site of recipes.  I do NOT can!  But, there was a recipe for refrigerated pickled pepperoncini's.

So, I got it put together today.
you needed water that was saturated with kosher salt.  and you literally add salt to the water until it can't take in anymore.  pretty interesting.

You clean the peppers and place a slice in them to bring in the brine

I added carrots, garlic, onions,  sugar peas and one jalapeno pepper

I added the salt water and apple cider vinegar brine
Now, this will sit in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks .  They will be stirred daily until they are ready.

This is my first experience with anything other than just freezing garden foods.  Hope they turn out good.  I have a great beef and pepper crock pot meal that this will be awesome for in the winter.

Last weekend I prepped eggplant for the freezer by blanching peeled and sliced eggplant in lemon water, then quickly cooled them in ice water, dried them out and froze them in layers of cling wrap to use later for eggplant Parmesan.

The Walla Walla onions are coming in quite fast this year.  Those I am just cleaning, chopping and freezing.  They are great during the year...just grab what you need and throw them in to whatever you are cooking.

I will do the same thing with the bell peppers when they are ready and the celery too.

So, Saturday!  It's almost here.  the great thing kids only go to Daddy on weekends.  I am free!  Altho I am making 2 loaves of sour cream banana bread for the freezer...and maybe some more zucchini bread too.

I can hardly wait!

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