Monday, August 8, 2011

little boys and how to keep them busy

My son Nash is almost 6 years old....we are 1 month away.

I find it difficult to keep that boy occupied.  His sister was so easy!  She loved to draw, make things, read...she could play alone and entertain herself very easily!  That boy....not even close.

He does NOT like to play alone.  He likes to pretend to read but only if you are watching him.  He will play with the garbage cans, torture the dog and torture the pool when an eye is not closely on him.

Our yard is a playground....seriously!  We have a trampoline, a swing set...with a treehouse & slide built in, a soccer net, a T-ball stand with bases to run, a pool, wood and bricks to crawl on and many more things.  But...that boy needs a friend....and not me!

I am only a Mom.  I am boring to him.  I offer to play with him but I am #3 on his hit list.  #1 is Daddy and he is always at work.  #2 is his sister and she is almost 14 years old so not very interested in playing with him.

I will be so glad when school starts again and he can play with other kids.  We don't have kids in our neighborhood his age and the neighbors are tired of being stalked when they walk by or come home form their day.

I was looking forward to soccer season because then he would have things to occupy his thoughts.  But then I find out that his coach quit because his daughter was the only girl on the team and he didn't like it. 

Poor boy.  Now looking for alternatives. 

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