Monday, February 28, 2011

end of February

OMG!  I can NOT believe this month is about over.

It's flying by!

So, got a message tonight from Nash's T-ball coach...practice starts Saturday.  I am so excited!  I hope Nash loves it.  I have never been a fan of baseball...its way too slow but I can hardly wait to watch my son play sports.  So...waiting to see how much excitement he can muster up  :)

And now volleyball is in full swing for Sophie.  This is her second week of practice and next week is the "before" Tournament.  We went to practice tonight...Sophie looks good!  She has a great serve!

We also had to take some furniture over to my friends house.  Sophie rode with me.  God knows....I love my daughter more than life itself....but....  Sometimes the things she wants to have a conversation about is beyond me.  She is obsessed with Zombies!
Anyway...but he time we got to my friends house to deliver the furniture.....I was so annoyed at Sophie...I could have strangled her  :) eye lids are closing...better for me to sign off  :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Oscars

Oh...every year I look forward to watching the Oscars.

When I was younger...I could say that I saw about 75% of the movies nominated.

This year...I saw 3 of the movies nominated.  King's Speech, Toy Story 3 and Inception.

Oscars always bring back memories for me.....

1977 - I was living with my Granny in Las Vegas.  My Grandpa was working in Libya for Occidental Oil, he worked a month there and came home a month.  When he came grandparents became children with access to money.  Always trying to out do each other with elaborate spending sprees. 

Anyway...The 2 months prior to the Oscars, Grandpa came home an announced he was building a sun room off of the dining room.  It was built the month he was overseas.

When he came home....we had this lovely empty room.  Now, it had to be filled.

VCR's had just come out. was like crack to him...he had to have one.  We were the first in Las Vegas to purchase one.  It weighed at least 100 pounds!  The deliver guys came and installed it on a new TV.  Do you remember when the tape popped out of the top???  Oh yeah!

Anyway...they gave a  lesson on how to tape things.

It was amazing!

My Granny & Grandpa
My Granny and I taped the Oscars!  WOW.  I should remember what happened that year on the Oscars...because we watched several times! I miss those 2.

I remember sitting in a bar in Santa Maria with my friend Bob Semk, watching the Oscars.  And seeing Anna Paquin win for her role in "The Piano".  Loved the time I spent with Bob.

my 1st husband David (Sophie's Daddy) and his Mom, Ginny
In 1998, I remember watching the Oscars with my husband David.  Sophie was just a bitty baby of almost 6 months.  We'd had a simple meal that was a Monday.  I was preparing for court on Wednesday for CASA, and one of my volunteers had come over to talk to me about a case.  I wish I could remember her name now.  A black woman with bleached blond hair.....HUGE woman.  She was the sweetest woman and a great volunteer of mine.  It was not there after that David had died.

I could on and on about memories of the Oscars.

Maybe because they are a marker in time.

But, I do love the Oscars...............the fashion, the speeches .....the memories.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

falling in a puddle...when you are older....JUST DON'T!

OK....yesterday....I was in a hurry to get out of the van during a storm.

I had my hands full of things that had to get in the house....and Nash. 

Who...when he wants....can move like his butt is on fire.  But, when it's raining.....he is a snail!

And he does not think he can carry more than 1 thing...and that is really asking a lot from him.

So, I get him out of the arms are full.

And I stopped by Starbuck', I have a nice venti black iced tea no sweetener in hand.

Our steep.

I step...half of my foot on the sidewalk...half not.  My ankle weakens.......#$%*!

I save myself...for only a nano-second.

Then down I go..........front first.

Into a puddle of VERY COLD rain & mud. 

When I land....of course my purse explodes.  My Starbuck' laugh at me.  Hits the ground, bounces tact....and comes right for me!  #$%*!  Not, it does not survive...and mockingly.......gets mainly on me.  Yep, it was very icey.

Nash of speedy now...and from the porch yells out for me to hurry.


I get myself up...and think.  Wow, I am soaked but other than my left hand scratched up....I am ok.

I pick myself up....look around for any watchers...and bolt into the house.

I am walking slowly....'cuz I am drenched!

I leave my shoes at the door...and slowly walk into the house.

Sophie greets me.  Oh you kidding me!

She asks, Mom...are you ok?  I look at her...stupified.

Ok...the house is kind of dark.

I slowly walk into the kitchen and turn on the light.

Oh, she can laugh....but then....if it were the other way around....I would be in hysterics too  :)

I felt fine yesterday.

This morning, I wake up...thinking....OMG!  Did someone beat me up while I was sleeping?  I take some ibuprofen and go back to bed. 

I have suffered all day....really!  Laughing...HURTS!  My hands....HURT!  My back??  HURTS!  my knees...HURT!

I am living on ibuprofen today.  It's not helping.  I HURT!

And wouldn't you know....not one mark!  Not point to and say...look at my boo boo!

@#$&!  *&^%$#@! 

I am going to bed....

Friday, February 25, 2011

who...tell me who...I am a work in progress

Today....was a day of many things.
  • we were supposed to get the storm of the century
  • we didn't
  • I planned for it tho...and so did our entire town
  • woke up hoping for snow...and really yucky weather
  • eh...wasn't much to talk about
  • but, the kids didn't have school
  • because the ENTIRE town thought we should be safe.
  • I am all about safe...really.
  • home from school...when they should BE AT SCHOOL!
  • I had to go to work in the mess...driving & listening to Toy Story playing in the back seat.
  • lots of time to think.
  • when I was a child...I never thought about the future...I just survived
  • I have kind of always fell into things
  • it took me years to really
  • I was, that was scary....'cuz, I don't think I was someone
  • I was a pleaser, a wanting to matter so I will do anything you ask of me if you would just see me
  • OK..if you have read anything I have written in the past know where I have been.   
So, last year......I decided to be the best someone I could be.

My New Year's Resolution was to take better care of how I look.  If you know me...I am overweight.  Dieting just isn't's producing the opposite effect, because.....sadly, food is my first love.

But, no matter a person's size...if they look good, they feel good, they feel better about themselves, they project better....and on and on.

just home from surgery, wearing the nose bra...lovely

3 days after surgery, after they ripped some of the stabilizers out of my sinus's

a month after surgery, after all if removed from my face
The last 2 years...I was dealing with and recovering from sinus surgery...yep, the entire sinus area was rotor rooter-ed and a deviated septum repair.  Today...I almost can say I am better.  I still have winter allergies...and my sinus's are delicate....but they are also like the Grand Canyon!, for a long time....I didn't wear make up.  Wore comfy clothes and could care less what I really looked like.  And it showed.

I also was diagnosed with Major Depression during the same time.  Oh ya...I was a mess!

So, now...I work at looking better...and I feel better.  So much so that I want better!

I have a business...Errand Girl.  I started it more than 4 years ago.  I love the potential of this business.  When I started it I wanted something to do...Nash was a baby and I needed to get out of the house.  But, not too much!  Just enough.  I said I didn't want it to be much of anything until Nash was in kindergarten. he is  :)

Errand Girl is growing little by little....but, not where I want it to grow.

I took a look at it.
  • What do I like about it?
Freedom to be very involved with my kids, their school and my community.
I can make it anything I want and pretty much work around what I want to do.
  • What do I love to do?
I am creative, organized, artistic, kind of a control freak, good listener, willing to help and give of myself, and can whip it all together!

So, I looked at what my options were.  What I had to work with.  Where I wanted to go.  And what I wanted to get out of it..

So, Errand Girl is changing.  It has to...I am changing.

And if you know me....I don't do change well.  LOL  Boy....I REALLY, REALLY DON'T.

So, I am taking 2 steps forward...sometimes one back.

But,...slowly...I am figuring it out...and coming to an end point soon.

To date....
  • Owner of Errand Girl
  • It's a Wrap by explore my creative & artistic side
  • Scrapbooking by EG....'cuz, I am a junkie!  I need my stuff and I need to be able to write it off and teach others how awesome it is!
  • Wedding cool to be be the one to start the lives of 2 people who love each other.  
  • Sonora Wedding Planner...yep...I really am that good!
I created a new logo....for the wedding planning. that I really look at the logo....maybe it's not the one.....but, it's close.

Just like me.....I am not perfect...and won't be.....but, I am always close  :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

a storm is a comin' :)

I live in California. 

We don't really have weather...altho, since I have moved up to the foothills, I have experienced some kind of weather.

I talk frequently to my former mother-in-law, she lives in New Jersey.  They have been hit very hard by snow...SNOW!  So, I know....we really don't have weather here.

But, we are expecting a big storm.  As of this morning...all schools in the area have announced tomorrow as a snow day.  News warnings are blasting all over the radio station and the coming storm is all anyone can talk about.

They claimed the storm would be here at 1pm.  Nope.

Then.....5pm.  Not yet  :)

At 7pm, I came home from my PTO meeting.  The streets were pretty bare.  Altho, the store parking lots were pretty full for the time of night...I think?  (This is past jammie time for me...honestly )  but, when I pulled onto the street that leads to my neighborhood...things looked odd.

Cars were parked on the streets, not in driveways....because no one around here has a flat driveway.  Or if they do, its a dirt driveway. 

Our driveway goes down from the street, its short & steep.  Across the street, Patty has a long & curvy driveway, it goes up from the street.  Her driveway makes an awesome sledding area when its snowy.

So, when I get to my house...hubby has parked on the street.  He has to go to work in the AM.  I know that I will be housebound tomorrow.  So, I back into the, that just in case I have to....I might be able to get out...doubtful but I might.

So, It's now 9:15pm.  I looked outside...nothing yet.  Sprinkles...and damned cold!

I checked weather, and it is on it's way.

Nash is looking forward to playing in the snow tomorrow.  Sophie will play a little but will be working on her Science Fair project to close it up.

Me...if the weather is what they say....Errand Girl will have a snow day too.

I got the fixin's for Stuffed Cabbage soup....mmmmmm!  Donuts for breakfast with my coffee and the making's for hot chocolate to warm the kiddo's up.

I also have a ton of work for the new business's...and my 2 upcoming faire's.

I will enjoy a snow day  :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

my lively day

Today....was a day.

A day of doing only a million things.......and then....thinking about the million more things that need to get done soon.

Here is my day.....
  1. wake early to tell hubby bye for the day
  2. shower, clean bedroom, get dressed
  3. get on computer to transfer funds from business account to personal account...because I went shopping on money that wasn't quite in my account yet ...almost fast enough.
  4. turn off Nash's alarm @ 6am...because even tho it keeps him in bed until scares the crap outta him if he is still sleeping.
  5. wake Sophie up....because, she keeps forgetting to turn ON her alarm
  6. coffee, pills, news & weather......
  7. ...while making my breakfast of shredded wheat & Nash's breakfast of leftover frozen pancakes from Sunday
  8. give Nash is medicine for the tonsillitis that is getting better, figure out what sweats that boy will wear today.  That boy would wear sweats if it were 110 degrees outside!
  9. sit at the table, fill out paperwork for Sophie to take back to school, write checks to buy stuff for school
  10. while checkbook I have any money????
  11. yell at Nash to get dressed & bribe him with watching Franklin on the living room TV if he will get dressed for school.
  12. load dishwasher, get out Roomba vacuum cleaner ....and get it ready to turn on when we leave for the day.
  13. start van so that it thaws out so I can drive AND see out of the windows.
  14. @ 7:42....we are out the door.
  15. drive to school listening to KHOP, and stupid stories....sometimes funny...sometimes just stupid.  Today, STUPID
  16. arrive at school.
  17. lovely...moron crossing guard today.  I have reported her 3 times already.  How can you stand there, holding a sign that says STOP...and then waive people thru and wonder why people are pissed???  She is on my list of people to eliminate.
  18. check into school, visit with secretaries in school drug out by 5 year old for talking too much.
  19. greet parents & teachers while walking to kindergarten.
  20. see several SSS Board members...we really need to get a meeting done SOON!
  21. I am on it!
  22. on playground...same crossing guard ....comes to me and asks when she should blow the whistle for the kids to line up.
  23. Eyes start to roll out of my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Line kindergartners up, wait for teacher to arrive.    
  25. Hug many, many kindergartners and hear about their important stuff
  26. Excitedly greet teacher!
  27. Kiss Nash good bye....and hug many, many other kindergartners to start their day  :)
  28. proceed out of school....but stopped several times.
  29. get in van.  start van.  press bluetooth in van.  make phone calls
  30. Start to call Carla at work...but then remember I need to call client to see if there is a pick up/delivery today
  31. yes, there is
  32. Call Carla, leave message.
  33. drive to Starbuck's...really have to go to the bathroom...because I got sidetracked while at school and did not make it to the teachers lounge.
  34. relief!
  35. try to order a venti black iced tea no sweetener....and again...they are OUT!   
  36. GRrrrr!
  37. back to van.  drive towards pick up.
  38. call several BOD members, arrange meeting
  39. call school, book meeting room
  40. pull over and text a couple of people
  41. proceed to pick up
  42. at pick Carla from foyer...tell her what is transpiring, catch up on latest.
  43. load pick up in
  44. in Angel's camp...stop at Starbuck's
  45. venti black iced tea no sweetener....VICTORY!
  46. drive to drop off/pick up site
  47. say hi to staff, catch up on latest
  48. relief...ok...old bladder....drives the kids crazy!
  49. drive back to original site
  50. make & receive a couple of calls...on bluetooth
  51. arrive at drop site....done!  10:30
  52. go to Fashion Bug, need new bras
  53. go to TJ MAXX, get sport shorts for Sophie's volleyball practice
  54. come home 11:30, get mail, relief, sort & start laundry
  55. 12:05, leave to pick up Nash
  56. 12:20...pick up Nash
  57. Nash must up and down the hill in front of the school to get Sophie and her friends attention while they are eating their lunch, wait for the kids to tell him Hi.
  58. Load Nash in van...head home
  59. Nash lunch...same thing everyday.  bologna, square cheese, blueberries and 6 Ritz crackers.
  60. move laundry
  61. Nash outside to play, I go to the computer to get some work done & emails read
  62. turn on video games for Nash
  63. listen to him complain that no one will play with him...but he is tired  :)
  64. Nash watches America's Funniest Home Videos, Disneyland one...we have seen it a MILLION TIMES.  He watches in my bedroom while I do the computer.  I know the episode by heart and can comment on it with my back to it.
  65. 2:30, leave to pick up Sophie from school
  66. 2:43, visit with parents in pick up line
  67. 2:48, pick up Sophie, head home
  68. 3:00, arrive home
  69. Hubby on phone to pay for new dining room table
  70. 3:10, leave for HR Block
  71. 3:30, meet with tax lady...good news...not great but good!
  72. 4:00, home
  73. by now....I am tired!
  74. Hubby offers to drive Sophie to volleyball practice AND pick up take & bake pizza
  75. I love that man!
  76. While they are gone....
  77. I write agenda for tomorrow's BOD meeting
  78. Hubby and Nash come back from drop off & pick up of pizza
  79. 5:30, put pizza in oven
  80. 5:35, leave to go pick up my ugliest of jammies!
  81. come home eat dinner
  82. clean kitchen
  83. melt into old man chair...that I love!
Its a hectic life.

I stop at 83 because I am tired of writing all of the stuff I do everyday.

Tomorrow's another day  :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mommy's Boy

OK..we all know Nash is really a Momma's Boy  :)

Today, after being home for a week with tonsillitis....he had to go back to school.  He came up with a million reasons why he shouldn't go back to school.
  • I am still sick!
  • I still have a fever Mom
  • My toe hurts.
  • It's is over.
  • I don't need to go to school anymore.
  • Can't I stay home with you  :)  Yep...that's the one I believe.
So, we go to school.  I assure him that today I am working in his class.

But, when it comes time for me to leave @ 10am.  He is in tears.

I cover his face in kisses and tell him to be brave.  It's only 2 more hours then I will be back to pick him up....but, he just can't do it.

He needs his Mommy.

Nash @ 20 months

Nash @ 13 months
Even tho these pictures are of when he was really a baby.....he still has the same look.  Mom can fix it all.

So, we are home...he is playing his video game and I am hiding out.

Kindergarten for a hard job  :) 

Handling all of those kids for 2 hours, teaching math & helping several write...OMG!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Holiday Mondays........

Today....I removed 4 large bags of clothing from my closet.  Hideous!  And I donated them to Good Stuff.  I did it fast, without really thinking too much.  If I hadn't worn it in 1 year...and it wasn't a fancy dressy was gone!

OK...everything except my overalls.  :)

I love overalls.  And I have put on some weight....and they are tight.  I do own about 30 pair...but I love them!  I LOVE THEM DAMMIT!  So, I will hold on to those.

Also went to Lowe's with hubby & Nash.  Looking for shelving for our office/scrapbook room/inventory storage  :)  We have a difference of opinion on shelving.  I am not a forever and a day person.  I do not want to have it permanently attached to the wall.  I like to re-arrange things.  I like to change my mind. I also like esthetically pleasing things.  And my function and need is different than the Hubby's.   So, off to Lowe's we went.
Our town just got a new Lowe's right after Christmas.  They are very cool!

We went to look at closet shelving...because hubby wants Nash to have an organized closet.  :)  I liked it for my needs...but the permanency of it was more than I could bare.  So, I asked Hubby to show me the shelving he wanted.
Nope.  The stuff I store is pretty stuff .  Scrapbook supplies, candies & other delectables for wrapping, Wedding Planning stuff....girly stuff.  And that is not the shelf to do it for me  :)  We found on...I loved it...he went along with it because my businesses bought.  And because he loves me....he is building it for me  :)

Then while talking...Hubby told me he hates our dinning room table.  Hum....did NOT know that.  Our table sits 8 and its not the typical table.  It sits high, like for a bar.  I love it...always have but it is not comfortable to sit for a long time.  So, we stopped off at the furniture store that is close to our house.  And found the perfect table!  Sits low, like a regular table, has only 6 chairs but is very durable!  But, it could hold 10 people comfortably!  And its marked half price because some kid scratched it.  

I have kids that scratch tables...and grand-kids too!    SOLD!

You could barely see the mark....I can see the word cranberries carved in my table!  So, excited!

OK...then...had to take Sophie out to buy knee pads for Volleyball...starts tomorrow!  And roses for her science project.  To see what lip balm is better for your lips...natural or cheap fake chemically stuff.

Now.....on to cooking dinner.  Emily, Ian and the grand-boys are coming over.  BBQing Tri-Tip!  YUM!  Baked potatoes & salad.  Boston Creme Pie for dessert!

and...away I go!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Today of course was pancakes & eggies day.  We can't miss that!  Nash would not be fit to live with.

It's our family tradition...every Sunday.  Unless I am too busy or too tired.  Pancakes made from scratch....oh my!  They are the best!

I have lots of prep work for today...working on a new design for customers.  Onesies made to look like cupcakes & baby socks wrapped to look like sushi. 

I also have to redesign my Errand Girl pamphlet to add my new endeavours....Wedding Officiant and Wedding Planning.  I can't believe how excited I am about this.

I also am going to teach a couple of scrapbooking classes for a 4H group.  I love teaching!  So, I need to to get everything together for the class.

And...while shopping yesterday....I found things that customers have requested that be wrapped for events.  Mint boxes, Ghiradeli bars, gum and a few other things.  So, I want to get the wrappers designed & fitted for my next show.  I am hoping to get into the Mother Lode Bridal Faire on March 13th. 

On March 25 thru 28, I will be at my Scrapbooking retreat.  I will have a table for It's a Wrap by EG.  Very excited about that! a list of things to do, better get busy  :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

thank you David :)

Today....I got to spend the day with the most wonderful daughter, Sophie.
How lucky I am to have her.  She is the funniest person.

I have hired her to be my assistant at Wedding Shows and to assist at any weddings or events I do.  She has great taste, and knows how I like to do things...and knows my faces  :)

Today, we shopped all day for things for the business.  She was so helpful.  

But, was a joy to just spend time with talk with her.  To hear how her mind works, to discuss how things are going for her.

She really is the best parts of me and her daddy.

The moment she was born....David leaned over to me, kissed me and said...she is the best thing I have ever done!  She was the joy of his life.  Even tho he only had 6 months of time with her....he adored her.

I am just now getting to adore her.  Not that I haven't before.  I was always busy raising her, keeping a roof over our head, trying keep sane when I just wanted to crawl in a hole and die.  But, that I have worked thru my past and dealt with all that I had to deal with.  I have time to look and really appreciate what I got.

She is so funny!  Even when she gets mad at me for being a Mom.  She is so very dippy!

And so beautiful!  I love how she is really her own person....but I see me and David in there.  I wish everyone that knew David could know Sophie.

She is the best 1st thing I did  :)

OK, OK....I did this too  :)  But, she is only 13.  LOL Sophie-gurl!  I love you so!

Friday, February 18, 2011

a 4th business? really?

OK...I have only talked about this to the people in my house.

Last weekends wedding show that I did...was awesome! 
  • I loved being out there and talking to people.  
  • I loved that I have a niche that is really untapped in this area.
  • I know I am so very good at what I do.
  • I had several people ask me....why am I NOT a wedding planner.
  • I never thought about it.
  • I have people skills.
  • I am VERY creative.
  • I am a take charge, get things done person.
  • I make decisions!  And they are good!
So, I have been really looking at Wedding Planning as a possibility.  And from what I have found....I already do it pretty much.

So, I bought a book that will tell me everything I need to know about what to do.  As most of you know....I am not dumb....and really....can pull anything off  :)

So.....I think I am going to do it.  I am going to use Sophie as my assistant....because she is awesome!  And she is going to need a job soon and she needs to learn what I have.  And she is good with me  :)

I have been doing so amazing research while being home bound with Nash this week.  I have talked to many people in the industry and I am in a niche that no one else has.  I am thinking of adding a few other things to my list.  Becoming an officiant.

Favors, going to start custom invitations and day of the wedding organizer.

I am so very excited!  I think I will be fabulous!  

But, I am curious.....what do you think?????  Kind of excited!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I live in California. 

California is not really known for it's snow.

I live right at the snow line.....we get snow MAYBE 2 to 4 times a year. 

MAYBE 1 or 2 snow days from school.

We have been having an early Spring and altho it was nice....I was not done with Winter.

I do love being cold, snuggling up...and all that cold weather brings.

I love this tree when it snows.  It is so pretty!

What I don't our steep driveway.  You can't really tell in this picture....but its steep!  Almost didn't get the EG-mobile out to pick up Sophie.  And then had to drive in low because the snow was more than I should have been in  :)  But, we made it.

Oh...I love snow!
Happy Snow Day!

sleep...perchance to dream :)

Thank you school district and the weather.....I got to sleep in this morning.  They called a weather day and a 1 hour delay.  HUGE IN MY WORLD!

Altho, I was up a lot with Nash......he slept from 2am until 8am.  YES!  So, I slept too!  Life is great when you get to sleep.

Cootie Boy of last year
So, today.....I have nothing on my calendar except rest and Nash.  Hubby working a double and Sophie has a meeting so we won't see her until 7pm.  I called the doctor and going to take Nash back in today....just to check his ears.  His fever seems to be slowing down but...he is still complaining of his ears.  His poor throat is so swollen its hard for him to talk and he hasn't eaten anything in 2 days except medicine.

I wanted to take a picture of my baby boy....but....he looks so bad!  The picture is from last year....and he looks healthy compared to what he looks like today!

So, we are waiting to see the doctor...not my favorite doctor tho...the one I don't like.  But, at least someone can look at him and give me some assurance.

So, sleep...yes!  Dream...not so much but I do love that line.

OK....bills are calling my name...they really want to be paid!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

walking in Zombieland


OK people......

It's been days since I have slept.  As most of you Mommies know....when you have a sick child, you never, ever sleep.

Saturday night I was so nervous about the Wedding Faire I hardly slept at all.

Sunday night I was exhausted from doing the show.  Then my brother called...laid a bunch of guilt on me.  Then Nash got sick.

Oh, the first night of a cootie attack isn't so bad anymore.

When he was was always about puke.  Yep....Nash is a puker.  Yep....nothing like being the Mom of one of those kids.  But now....he is pretty good.  He can actually hold it until he gets to the bathroom.  

Just gotta say WOW!

But, Sunday night....he woke up, I drugged him, we watched a little Nick @ Nite.
This has been our tradition since....the beginning of time.  If you get up at night, you get to snuggle with Mommy while watching Nick @ Nite for one episode...only!  Then you get tucked into bed with a warning....don't get up again.

Monday comes....I have to work but I have my sidekick Nash with me.  And he is determined to NOT want to go to work.  So, there is a ton of whining but...I own a business, I don;t get to call in sick.  We go to work.  But, I watch him carefully and know....he needs to see the doctor.  It's determined that he has tonsillitis.  My poor baby.

Tuesday....his throat is really swollen.  But to work we must go.  He is pretty good.  He rides with me in his jammies.  We go up the hill to Mi-Wuk, Sugar Pine & Twain Harte.  Easy trip...I love to drive.  But,he really feels crappy.  And is whining and I am whining because I am tired too.

Last night....I was up most of the night.  The whining, the fever, the worry.  Oh, I am so tired.

Today, again I have to work....I have to drive to Jamestown, Angel's camp, San Andreas....and return back the same way.  It really is an easy trip.  Nash can sit in the back of the a DVD.

But, I am wiped out!  I am exhausted!

And Sonora in the Round.  The night that Sophie & I get to really see what will be offered at the high school.  She will be there all day....she is excited!  I am worried and tired.  Yes...I have cried a lot about high school....and now I am crying because I am exhausted!

So....I am a zombie Mom...trying desperately trying to be super Mom.

And I am so tired.

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine's Day, 2011

I have never really been a celebrator of Valentine's Day.

From past blogs you know I am not a fan of roses...or flowers really.

I absolutely adore my hubby but he knows....not to make a big deal of the holiday.  He used to send me roses for my birthday (Feb 4th) and Valentine's Day.  And I would tell him....really, please don't.  And if you have to...send me tulips.  Now....I make it clear....really, don't make a big deal, don't waste money on the flowers...just make sure I get to go to Scrapbook Retreat in March and I am good  :)

I do get presents for my kids....for they truly are my heart.  Sophie at age hard to buy anything for.  So, Itunes card & See's candy always does the trick for her.  Nash....well, I was practical with him.  I got him a video game ...starring Toy Story...that will help him with his fine motor skills..  I also got Lance a pair of new jammies for the warm weather...altho, now....Spring is leaving the Foothills and cold, stormy weather is coming back with snow.  So, he can keep them in the draw for when it warms up again.

Lance did get me the sweetest card and tokens for my favorite coffee hang out...Schnoog's, with a note to take my friends that I gossip with.  Hello Debi  :)  So, that was all good.

I am tired today.  Yesterday was a big day. 

The call from my brother was good & bad.  He has been dodging me for quite a while since I severed my relationship with my Mom and Aunt.  I know he has gotten himself in the middle and now has to do the job I had my whole life...taking care of Mom.  He was drinking...and that is never good.  But, I do know he loves me and I love him.  And we had a very messed up childhood and he is still there and I am NOT.  But, he is family...and knows the buttons to push....don't we all  :)

                                           ^^^^^^Me, my brother Ry and his wife Tammie
I hope his next call is a long time from now.

My cootie-boy.  The kids in Nash's class have been dropping like flies the past 2 weeks.  And I was amazed that he never got whatever they all had.  Then last week he started complaining of tummy pains.  I kept a watchful eye on him and his tummy area.  But, last night...his fever spiked....BIGTIME.
So, I took him into see Dr. George.  I do love that man!  I know when he says everything is is.  He has cooties and they will leave soon and there is really nothing I can do but snuggle my boy, doll out  the meds for fever and watch lots of Nash-friendly TV.  So, that's what I will do for the next couple of days.

Mommyhood....can be interesting.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I have a lot on my mid this morning....early this morning.

Yesterday was my brother, Ricky's birthday.  He has been gone now for 1 1/2 years, dying from Kidney Cancer in the ugliest way.  He was peaceful at his death.  We were not close by any means but, I helped end his life at the end.  I don't miss him because we were not close. 

I think about him occasionally because his cancer death and my Mom's breast cancer at the same time......was awful!  The most stressful I have ever been in my life. 

This combination with the past finally deciding it wanted to come out and pay with my mind, the perversion attempts by my Step-Dad, the lack of boundary lines and the lack of any concern on my Mom & family's part has caused a permanent separation from my family of origin and my family of present.
This was when my Brother's wife Mary brought him to California for his Farewell Tour.  He looked awful and you could tell he was close to dying.  He & his wife were in complete denial of what was coming.  My Mom looked not too bad here...altho she is wearing her cancer wig and was going thru the last stages of treatment...radiation.

Here is Ricky & Mary.  I would like to see how she is doing.  Being a window myself, I know how hard life can be.  But, we were never close and I don't want her to choose Mom needs a relationship with her more.

Anyway.....that was on my mind.  Ricky would have been 47 years old.  And he didn't like being called Ricky....but Rick.  I will always remember him as Ricky.  The little shit that tortured me when we were kids.  He left living with us when he and I were 10 & 11.  He went to go live with my Dad.

He had a really rotten life...dealing with my Dads alcoholism, his whorish wives, and the lack of any caring from anyone.

He ended up in prison, a drug addict & alcoholic.

At the end...he was clean....maybe.  Hadn't done time in a while.  And Mary loved him.  And Mary's kids loved him too.

He left a daughter, Miranda.  I worry about her.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

on a rampage!

I really hate stupidity.  REALLY!

I can handle anything....but that.

Today, I finally got a copy of my 1099 from the State of California. was wrong.  It was blank.


Last year it was wrong.  I called them and was told...that happens all the time.  And was told I could write anything on it I wanted to.  Really?


Ok....I can NOT believe that our state is run this badly!

My hubby's pay is cut and we are warned that more will be cut.  My kid's school gets cut all of the time.

I say....get people in the job that knows the job.  If they can't do the job...get the HELL OUT!
Can you see that all boxes are empty that really require an amount in them.


Here is a copy of the letter I sent to Governor Brown, Lt. Governor Newsom and KCRA.......

February 10, 2011

Governor Brown....

It is sad to say...that today I finally received my 1099 from the state.  I am a small business owner and have 1 contract with the state.

This is the 2nd year my 1099 is a mess.

This year.....there is nothing in any of the boxes except for mailing info and ID#'s.

I called the office that issued this...and heard that everyone of them had gone out wrong.  Not only that but the folks that work for our state...have no idea how to send them out.  I had to tell them how much the state has paid me.  I am NOT KIDDING!

Last year, I received my 1099.  It claimed that a part of the money I was paid was for insurance premiums.  When I called to ask how to get a corrected one.  I was told to not worry about it just write in any number...they have no way of knowing how much they paid me.

The accounting office that issues my an office of...really morons.  They constantly lose my invoices.  The way they shuffle invoices in the worst nightmare I have ever heard of.

Now, my husband works for the corrections department and has taken cuts and is facing more.  MY children's school is facing more cuts.

Here is where you make the cuts.  Get some qualified people to work for our state.  People that got their jobs because they are qualified and keep their job because they KNOW HOW TO DO IT!

I, honestly, am embarrassed of the State of California!

I will also send this to the Lt. Governor and also to KCRA....because someone needs to fix the bureaucracy that is our state!

Also sent to Lt. Governor Newsom via their website form program online on 2-10-11.

OK...I am irritated and now tired.
State of California....really????

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a spark in you are :)

Yes, I heard that tonight about me.  It struck me as funny.

I was being nominated as a member of the Oversight Committee for a Bond measure I help pass last November.  I was told when I joined the committee as treasurer to get the Bond passed...that I would probably have to serve on this committee.  They even reworded a qualifications for a seat to qualify me since I live outside of the school district.

I was tell my pseudo Mom tonight on the phone all that has been going on since she has been out & about and she said pretty much the same thing.  How do I find the time.

I don't know....lets see what I do.
  • 1. Mom to a 5 year old boy & 13 year old girl....kindergarten & 8th grade...respectfully.
  • 2. Fulltime housewife & Mommy
  • 3. I own 3 businesses...small but growing
    • A. Errand Girl
    • B. It's a Wrap by EG
    • C. Scrapbooking by EG
  • 4. I serve as co-president of our school's PTO
  • 5. I work in my son's kindergarten class weekly.
  • 6. I write a blog
  • 7. I scrapbook
  • 8. Serve on the Oversight Committee
  • 9. Attend all School Board meetings
  • 10. Currently selling raffle tickets...alone!
  • 11. Fundrasing Committee for 8th grade graduation
  • 12. School's Dinner Night Out Coordinator

Oh...I know there is more....I just can't think of them.  But, I do enjoy being a part of something.  I like making a difference.

Looking at the list....I will say NO more often  :)

ok...parenting is not easy or cheap!

I have spent a sleepless night pondering many things.

  1. Really?  It's going to cost me over $700 to have Sophie's 12 year molars pulled and....3 baby teeth!  And this is just the 1st step into braces.
  2. You can have very intelligent children....who excel at 99% of the things they do.  But, if their fine motor skills lack...they are screwed!
  3. I got a copy of the course catalog for the high school many times do I have to say....I AM NOT READY FOR THIS!
  4. If I have to hold back Nash in Kindergarten....why can't I hold Sophie back in 8th grade????  Just saying!
  5. I have a hard time remembering that I am NOT an ONLY parent still.  I get to discuss options with my hubby.  Oh...thank you for being on this E ticket ride Lance.
  6. When Sophie walks down the hallway every morning after she is dressed...I always have to remember that she really is mine.  I keep waiting for the 6 year old to bound out of her room.  When did this happen?
  7. Do you get do overs???  Not that I have screwed up.....I am just not ready to be here yet. morning rant.

I am tired and have a big day ahead.

Work.  Kids.  And interview to be appointed on the Oversight Committee for Measure H that I worked hard on getting passed last November.

Can I just crawl back in bed?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

did you know....I am a scrapbook junkie????

I have been scrapbooking for over 5 years.  I was hooked the 1st time I put a picture on paper!

I love to go to Scrapbook Retreats.  I go to Shell's retreat in Old Oak with Scrapgrlz.  Its the best fun and relaxation I have ever experienced!

And this past several months I decoded it was time to step up and see if I can make this a business.  So, I have started 2 new companies.....It's a Wrap by EG and Scrapbooking by EG...both are under the wing of Errand Girl .I am soooo excited about this!  I am also selling scrapbook supplies with  So, if you are interested......look at the links below.

My Club Ruby Profile

Errand Girl
It's a Wrap by EG
Scrapbooking by EG



Who doesn't love kindergarten! 

I love walking Nash to class and the other kids running up to me to tell me about what happened to them last night, give me hugs, show me their new dress or new toy.  I always feel like the Pied Piper...leading the way.  I usually have several kids...mainly girls following me along and telling me things.

I have one girl...Luna....who feels that I am incapable of buttoning my own sweater.  So, every morning she buttons me up until I think I will suffocate.  I always can't wait until she leaves so I can unbutton myself and breathe. 

Today, I got to sing the numbers song, the good morning song and count all the way up to 30!  I did good!

Then  I watched my son, Nash present the Alphabet can.  He sat in front of the class...beaming!  He is a shy boy so doesn't say much in front of the class.  He brought a ball.....he always does  :)  He said it started with the letter B and whispered to his teacher the clues.
  1. Its a sphere
  2. You can throw it
  3. You can catch it
He got to select people to guess what it was...3  then he got to select people to make comments about the ball.  they always say the same thing.  I like your ball...I wish I could have it  :)  The really are adorable!

Then I got to listen to the teacher read a Valentine's book.  It was cute.

Now, time to work.  I had the math table today.  It was a hard assignment.  They had to do a dot to dot, following the numbers and when done it looked like a star.  It was hard for about half the kids.  Then they flipped the paper over and practiced writing the numbers 4, 5, & 6.  And do a math problem....4 plus 1 equals....5.  That was hard too  :)  My fingers are sore from holding them up for the math problem and each one bouncing as I counted it for each child and also pointing to the 0 on the dot to dot, then 1, then 2, then 3, then 4, then 5, then 6, then 7, then 8, then 9....then 10!  A star!

The kids got to use markers or pencils.  Some of the markers are scented.  So, everyone kept shoving the markers in my face to small how yummy they smelled.  Several times....they got to close and I got a marker dot on my nose.  The perils of Kindergarten excitement  :)  But, I tell you...the chocolate marker almost fell in my pocket it smelled so good!

Then when the kids were done with the assignment they could do puzzles.  Some of those puzzles are hard!  I always tell the kids I just can't do them...please help me and show me how.  They love that!

Then when Nash came to my table to work....I did most of the work for him.  I usually do.  And I can tell when work comes home...that other parents do the work for him as well.  Nash's fine motor skills are not here yet.  He is so very bright with everything else.  He can read at an advanced level...does everything at an advanced level....but, he is very young.  The skills just aren't there yet.

His teacher came over and we talked about it and she asked me what I thought about holding him back.  She really is on the fence over it.  But, I see his work...he is my baby.  I tell her that really....he should stay in Kindergarten another year.  I would hate for him to be pushed onward and have to repeat 1st grade instead.  I think that is more traumatizing. 

I had to tell my Hubby.  Why is it that men take things so personal.  I knew going into Kindergarten that he would probably repeat.  He was still only 4 when he started but because of his sister...lance really is taking this as a slap and not what it is.    He is our last child.....he is young  and who wouldn't want to stay in Kindergarten 2 years.  I know I wouldn't mind it  :)

So, ego is bruised....but this will be the best thing for Nash.  1st grade is so very hard I want him to go when he can achieve and not fail.

I think he will be just fine...and so will us parents  :)