Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Oscars

Oh...every year I look forward to watching the Oscars.

When I was younger...I could say that I saw about 75% of the movies nominated.

This year...I saw 3 of the movies nominated.  King's Speech, Toy Story 3 and Inception.

Oscars always bring back memories for me.....

1977 - I was living with my Granny in Las Vegas.  My Grandpa was working in Libya for Occidental Oil, he worked a month there and came home a month.  When he came grandparents became children with access to money.  Always trying to out do each other with elaborate spending sprees. 

Anyway...The 2 months prior to the Oscars, Grandpa came home an announced he was building a sun room off of the dining room.  It was built the month he was overseas.

When he came home....we had this lovely empty room.  Now, it had to be filled.

VCR's had just come out. was like crack to him...he had to have one.  We were the first in Las Vegas to purchase one.  It weighed at least 100 pounds!  The deliver guys came and installed it on a new TV.  Do you remember when the tape popped out of the top???  Oh yeah!

Anyway...they gave a  lesson on how to tape things.

It was amazing!

My Granny & Grandpa
My Granny and I taped the Oscars!  WOW.  I should remember what happened that year on the Oscars...because we watched several times! I miss those 2.

I remember sitting in a bar in Santa Maria with my friend Bob Semk, watching the Oscars.  And seeing Anna Paquin win for her role in "The Piano".  Loved the time I spent with Bob.

my 1st husband David (Sophie's Daddy) and his Mom, Ginny
In 1998, I remember watching the Oscars with my husband David.  Sophie was just a bitty baby of almost 6 months.  We'd had a simple meal that was a Monday.  I was preparing for court on Wednesday for CASA, and one of my volunteers had come over to talk to me about a case.  I wish I could remember her name now.  A black woman with bleached blond hair.....HUGE woman.  She was the sweetest woman and a great volunteer of mine.  It was not there after that David had died.

I could on and on about memories of the Oscars.

Maybe because they are a marker in time.

But, I do love the Oscars...............the fashion, the speeches .....the memories.

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