Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's Pancake & Eggie day's Sunday. 

And my son Nash will not proceed with the day without pancakes & eggies.  I make the pancakes from scratch...they are so very yummy!  I love strawberry jam on very much!  But, strawberry jam has become poison to me....Diverticulitus.  Those tiny seeds are killers!  So, my second favorite thing on pancakes is peach jam.

I always sleep in on's the best gift my family gives me.  I sleep until at least 7:30am...that's late for me  :)  I love being able to just sleep, and think, and sleep some more...alone.  It's the best!

Then Lance makes sure there is freshly brewed coffee for me...yum!

I take a shower with the door closed....yes!  CLOSED!  Nothing like showering without an audience!  I am usually greeted by Nash when I get out tho.....he is usually nutting up by then and needs to see his Mommy.

I come out....drink my coffee, watch the news and contemplate the making of pancakes & eggies.

After we eat, Lance always cleans the kitchen and I get dressed and start on whatever chores I have for the day. 

We try to have a family dinner night on Sundays and have whatever kids are around, spouses, grand-kids and friends of kids.  I love having a big group of people over to cook for.  Tonight its bell pepper pasta with Caesar salad, asiago bread & peach cobbler for dessert.

Today is also Super Bowl.  I have watched it every year of my life.  When the first hubby was alive, sports was our life!  When he died....sports is hard.  My family has always celebrated my birthday on Super Bowl Sunday.  My cake was always a football field.  One year...they did something with the score and candles & I was like 55 years old that year.  Not funny!

I prefer to stay away from Super Bowl.  It's a reminder...and not a good one.  So I doubt it will be watched for a long time here.

I am also getting ready for next Sunday....the first time I will do the Wedding Faire at the Elk's Lodge.  I am a little nervous.  I am trying to design an order form that is fabulous!  I will be representing Errand Girl, It's a Wrap by EG & Scrapbooking by EG...all of my businesses. to work  :)

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