Saturday, February 5, 2011

Date night....with Lance

We are kind of a boring couple.  We like to just stay home and enjoy our kids, watch a little TV and go to bed.

Thats us.

At least once a month....we try to go on a date.  Our dates consist of....dinner & a movie.  We live in a small town...not much else to do  :)

Tonight....or should I say...this afternoon......we went to my favorite restaurant.  It was for my, I got to pick the restaurant & the movie  :)

Oh....dinning at Diamondback awesome!

I was craving their Ultimate Grilled Cheese with onion rings & buttermilk parsley dressing....OMG!  had a window the street traffic and ate the best food in the world.

Then we saw the movie King's Speech.  What an amazing movie!

I love date night and spending time with my hubby!

Got after Sophie had given Nash a bath.

I am one lucky Mommy!

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