Thursday, February 10, 2011

on a rampage!

I really hate stupidity.  REALLY!

I can handle anything....but that.

Today, I finally got a copy of my 1099 from the State of California. was wrong.  It was blank.


Last year it was wrong.  I called them and was told...that happens all the time.  And was told I could write anything on it I wanted to.  Really?


Ok....I can NOT believe that our state is run this badly!

My hubby's pay is cut and we are warned that more will be cut.  My kid's school gets cut all of the time.

I say....get people in the job that knows the job.  If they can't do the job...get the HELL OUT!
Can you see that all boxes are empty that really require an amount in them.


Here is a copy of the letter I sent to Governor Brown, Lt. Governor Newsom and KCRA.......

February 10, 2011

Governor Brown....

It is sad to say...that today I finally received my 1099 from the state.  I am a small business owner and have 1 contract with the state.

This is the 2nd year my 1099 is a mess.

This year.....there is nothing in any of the boxes except for mailing info and ID#'s.

I called the office that issued this...and heard that everyone of them had gone out wrong.  Not only that but the folks that work for our state...have no idea how to send them out.  I had to tell them how much the state has paid me.  I am NOT KIDDING!

Last year, I received my 1099.  It claimed that a part of the money I was paid was for insurance premiums.  When I called to ask how to get a corrected one.  I was told to not worry about it just write in any number...they have no way of knowing how much they paid me.

The accounting office that issues my an office of...really morons.  They constantly lose my invoices.  The way they shuffle invoices in the worst nightmare I have ever heard of.

Now, my husband works for the corrections department and has taken cuts and is facing more.  MY children's school is facing more cuts.

Here is where you make the cuts.  Get some qualified people to work for our state.  People that got their jobs because they are qualified and keep their job because they KNOW HOW TO DO IT!

I, honestly, am embarrassed of the State of California!

I will also send this to the Lt. Governor and also to KCRA....because someone needs to fix the bureaucracy that is our state!

Also sent to Lt. Governor Newsom via their website form program online on 2-10-11.

OK...I am irritated and now tired.
State of California....really????

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Em said...

This is horrible. Absolutely horrible.

Sorry..... :(