Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mommy's Boy

OK..we all know Nash is really a Momma's Boy  :)

Today, after being home for a week with tonsillitis....he had to go back to school.  He came up with a million reasons why he shouldn't go back to school.
  • I am still sick!
  • I still have a fever Mom
  • My toe hurts.
  • It's summer...school is over.
  • I don't need to go to school anymore.
  • Can't I stay home with you  :)  Yep...that's the one I believe.
So, we go to school.  I assure him that today I am working in his class.

But, when it comes time for me to leave @ 10am.  He is in tears.

I cover his face in kisses and tell him to be brave.  It's only 2 more hours then I will be back to pick him up....but, he just can't do it.

He needs his Mommy.

Nash @ 20 months

Nash @ 13 months
Even tho these pictures are of when he was really a baby.....he still has the same look.  Mom can fix it all.

So, we are home...he is playing his video game and I am hiding out.

Kindergarten for me...is a hard job  :) 

Handling all of those kids for 2 hours, teaching math & helping several write...OMG!

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