Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine's Day, 2011

I have never really been a celebrator of Valentine's Day.

From past blogs you know I am not a fan of roses...or flowers really.

I absolutely adore my hubby but he knows....not to make a big deal of the holiday.  He used to send me roses for my birthday (Feb 4th) and Valentine's Day.  And I would tell him....really, please don't.  And if you have to...send me tulips.  Now....I make it clear....really, don't make a big deal, don't waste money on the flowers...just make sure I get to go to Scrapbook Retreat in March and I am good  :)

I do get presents for my kids....for they truly are my heart.  Sophie at age hard to buy anything for.  So, Itunes card & See's candy always does the trick for her.  Nash....well, I was practical with him.  I got him a video game ...starring Toy Story...that will help him with his fine motor skills..  I also got Lance a pair of new jammies for the warm weather...altho, now....Spring is leaving the Foothills and cold, stormy weather is coming back with snow.  So, he can keep them in the draw for when it warms up again.

Lance did get me the sweetest card and tokens for my favorite coffee hang out...Schnoog's, with a note to take my friends that I gossip with.  Hello Debi  :)  So, that was all good.

I am tired today.  Yesterday was a big day. 

The call from my brother was good & bad.  He has been dodging me for quite a while since I severed my relationship with my Mom and Aunt.  I know he has gotten himself in the middle and now has to do the job I had my whole life...taking care of Mom.  He was drinking...and that is never good.  But, I do know he loves me and I love him.  And we had a very messed up childhood and he is still there and I am NOT.  But, he is family...and knows the buttons to push....don't we all  :)

                                           ^^^^^^Me, my brother Ry and his wife Tammie
I hope his next call is a long time from now.

My cootie-boy.  The kids in Nash's class have been dropping like flies the past 2 weeks.  And I was amazed that he never got whatever they all had.  Then last week he started complaining of tummy pains.  I kept a watchful eye on him and his tummy area.  But, last night...his fever spiked....BIGTIME.
So, I took him into see Dr. George.  I do love that man!  I know when he says everything is is.  He has cooties and they will leave soon and there is really nothing I can do but snuggle my boy, doll out  the meds for fever and watch lots of Nash-friendly TV.  So, that's what I will do for the next couple of days.

Mommyhood....can be interesting.

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