Monday, February 21, 2011

Holiday Mondays........

Today....I removed 4 large bags of clothing from my closet.  Hideous!  And I donated them to Good Stuff.  I did it fast, without really thinking too much.  If I hadn't worn it in 1 year...and it wasn't a fancy dressy was gone!

OK...everything except my overalls.  :)

I love overalls.  And I have put on some weight....and they are tight.  I do own about 30 pair...but I love them!  I LOVE THEM DAMMIT!  So, I will hold on to those.

Also went to Lowe's with hubby & Nash.  Looking for shelving for our office/scrapbook room/inventory storage  :)  We have a difference of opinion on shelving.  I am not a forever and a day person.  I do not want to have it permanently attached to the wall.  I like to re-arrange things.  I like to change my mind. I also like esthetically pleasing things.  And my function and need is different than the Hubby's.   So, off to Lowe's we went.
Our town just got a new Lowe's right after Christmas.  They are very cool!

We went to look at closet shelving...because hubby wants Nash to have an organized closet.  :)  I liked it for my needs...but the permanency of it was more than I could bare.  So, I asked Hubby to show me the shelving he wanted.
Nope.  The stuff I store is pretty stuff .  Scrapbook supplies, candies & other delectables for wrapping, Wedding Planning stuff....girly stuff.  And that is not the shelf to do it for me  :)  We found on...I loved it...he went along with it because my businesses bought.  And because he loves me....he is building it for me  :)

Then while talking...Hubby told me he hates our dinning room table.  Hum....did NOT know that.  Our table sits 8 and its not the typical table.  It sits high, like for a bar.  I love it...always have but it is not comfortable to sit for a long time.  So, we stopped off at the furniture store that is close to our house.  And found the perfect table!  Sits low, like a regular table, has only 6 chairs but is very durable!  But, it could hold 10 people comfortably!  And its marked half price because some kid scratched it.  

I have kids that scratch tables...and grand-kids too!    SOLD!

You could barely see the mark....I can see the word cranberries carved in my table!  So, excited!

OK...then...had to take Sophie out to buy knee pads for Volleyball...starts tomorrow!  And roses for her science project.  To see what lip balm is better for your lips...natural or cheap fake chemically stuff.

Now.....on to cooking dinner.  Emily, Ian and the grand-boys are coming over.  BBQing Tri-Tip!  YUM!  Baked potatoes & salad.  Boston Creme Pie for dessert!

and...away I go!


siomha said...

So, is your old table for sale? (At this rate, I may furnish my house with your cast-offs!) LOL

siomha said...

This is Shylah, by the way. Stupid google won't let me change accounts once I submit the comment.

the days and nights of a VERY busy Mom said...

Shylah...sorry.....looks like Em & Ian are taking the table.

niels said...

hi, you sound very much like me, not throwing overalls away, the very best clothing item no matter your gender or age! have a nice overall Sunday ! niels