Wednesday, February 23, 2011

my lively day

Today....was a day.

A day of doing only a million things.......and then....thinking about the million more things that need to get done soon.

Here is my day.....
  1. wake early to tell hubby bye for the day
  2. shower, clean bedroom, get dressed
  3. get on computer to transfer funds from business account to personal account...because I went shopping on money that wasn't quite in my account yet ...almost fast enough.
  4. turn off Nash's alarm @ 6am...because even tho it keeps him in bed until scares the crap outta him if he is still sleeping.
  5. wake Sophie up....because, she keeps forgetting to turn ON her alarm
  6. coffee, pills, news & weather......
  7. ...while making my breakfast of shredded wheat & Nash's breakfast of leftover frozen pancakes from Sunday
  8. give Nash is medicine for the tonsillitis that is getting better, figure out what sweats that boy will wear today.  That boy would wear sweats if it were 110 degrees outside!
  9. sit at the table, fill out paperwork for Sophie to take back to school, write checks to buy stuff for school
  10. while checkbook I have any money????
  11. yell at Nash to get dressed & bribe him with watching Franklin on the living room TV if he will get dressed for school.
  12. load dishwasher, get out Roomba vacuum cleaner ....and get it ready to turn on when we leave for the day.
  13. start van so that it thaws out so I can drive AND see out of the windows.
  14. @ 7:42....we are out the door.
  15. drive to school listening to KHOP, and stupid stories....sometimes funny...sometimes just stupid.  Today, STUPID
  16. arrive at school.
  17. lovely...moron crossing guard today.  I have reported her 3 times already.  How can you stand there, holding a sign that says STOP...and then waive people thru and wonder why people are pissed???  She is on my list of people to eliminate.
  18. check into school, visit with secretaries in school drug out by 5 year old for talking too much.
  19. greet parents & teachers while walking to kindergarten.
  20. see several SSS Board members...we really need to get a meeting done SOON!
  21. I am on it!
  22. on playground...same crossing guard ....comes to me and asks when she should blow the whistle for the kids to line up.
  23. Eyes start to roll out of my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Line kindergartners up, wait for teacher to arrive.    
  25. Hug many, many kindergartners and hear about their important stuff
  26. Excitedly greet teacher!
  27. Kiss Nash good bye....and hug many, many other kindergartners to start their day  :)
  28. proceed out of school....but stopped several times.
  29. get in van.  start van.  press bluetooth in van.  make phone calls
  30. Start to call Carla at work...but then remember I need to call client to see if there is a pick up/delivery today
  31. yes, there is
  32. Call Carla, leave message.
  33. drive to Starbuck's...really have to go to the bathroom...because I got sidetracked while at school and did not make it to the teachers lounge.
  34. relief!
  35. try to order a venti black iced tea no sweetener....and again...they are OUT!   
  36. GRrrrr!
  37. back to van.  drive towards pick up.
  38. call several BOD members, arrange meeting
  39. call school, book meeting room
  40. pull over and text a couple of people
  41. proceed to pick up
  42. at pick Carla from foyer...tell her what is transpiring, catch up on latest.
  43. load pick up in
  44. in Angel's camp...stop at Starbuck's
  45. venti black iced tea no sweetener....VICTORY!
  46. drive to drop off/pick up site
  47. say hi to staff, catch up on latest
  48. relief...ok...old bladder....drives the kids crazy!
  49. drive back to original site
  50. make & receive a couple of calls...on bluetooth
  51. arrive at drop site....done!  10:30
  52. go to Fashion Bug, need new bras
  53. go to TJ MAXX, get sport shorts for Sophie's volleyball practice
  54. come home 11:30, get mail, relief, sort & start laundry
  55. 12:05, leave to pick up Nash
  56. 12:20...pick up Nash
  57. Nash must up and down the hill in front of the school to get Sophie and her friends attention while they are eating their lunch, wait for the kids to tell him Hi.
  58. Load Nash in van...head home
  59. Nash lunch...same thing everyday.  bologna, square cheese, blueberries and 6 Ritz crackers.
  60. move laundry
  61. Nash outside to play, I go to the computer to get some work done & emails read
  62. turn on video games for Nash
  63. listen to him complain that no one will play with him...but he is tired  :)
  64. Nash watches America's Funniest Home Videos, Disneyland one...we have seen it a MILLION TIMES.  He watches in my bedroom while I do the computer.  I know the episode by heart and can comment on it with my back to it.
  65. 2:30, leave to pick up Sophie from school
  66. 2:43, visit with parents in pick up line
  67. 2:48, pick up Sophie, head home
  68. 3:00, arrive home
  69. Hubby on phone to pay for new dining room table
  70. 3:10, leave for HR Block
  71. 3:30, meet with tax lady...good news...not great but good!
  72. 4:00, home
  73. by now....I am tired!
  74. Hubby offers to drive Sophie to volleyball practice AND pick up take & bake pizza
  75. I love that man!
  76. While they are gone....
  77. I write agenda for tomorrow's BOD meeting
  78. Hubby and Nash come back from drop off & pick up of pizza
  79. 5:30, put pizza in oven
  80. 5:35, leave to go pick up my ugliest of jammies!
  81. come home eat dinner
  82. clean kitchen
  83. melt into old man chair...that I love!
Its a hectic life.

I stop at 83 because I am tired of writing all of the stuff I do everyday.

Tomorrow's another day  :)

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