Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a spark in you are :)

Yes, I heard that tonight about me.  It struck me as funny.

I was being nominated as a member of the Oversight Committee for a Bond measure I help pass last November.  I was told when I joined the committee as treasurer to get the Bond passed...that I would probably have to serve on this committee.  They even reworded a qualifications for a seat to qualify me since I live outside of the school district.

I was tell my pseudo Mom tonight on the phone all that has been going on since she has been out & about and she said pretty much the same thing.  How do I find the time.

I don't know....lets see what I do.
  • 1. Mom to a 5 year old boy & 13 year old girl....kindergarten & 8th grade...respectfully.
  • 2. Fulltime housewife & Mommy
  • 3. I own 3 businesses...small but growing
    • A. Errand Girl
    • B. It's a Wrap by EG
    • C. Scrapbooking by EG
  • 4. I serve as co-president of our school's PTO
  • 5. I work in my son's kindergarten class weekly.
  • 6. I write a blog
  • 7. I scrapbook
  • 8. Serve on the Oversight Committee
  • 9. Attend all School Board meetings
  • 10. Currently selling raffle tickets...alone!
  • 11. Fundrasing Committee for 8th grade graduation
  • 12. School's Dinner Night Out Coordinator

Oh...I know there is more....I just can't think of them.  But, I do enjoy being a part of something.  I like making a difference.

Looking at the list....I will say NO more often  :)

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