Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I am a Virtual Assistant. What is it?

What is a virtual assistant?

I have been doing work as a Virtual Assistant for over 3 years, but I never advertised myself as one…I called myself a Girl Friday  (that’s what extra help was called a million years ago) or just Errand Girl.  I am someone you could have come in, a couple of hours or a few weeks…whenever you needed extra help in your business.  Now, that extra help can be provided without someone coming into your office or home.  That extra help can come to you…virtually!

So, how is that possible??  

The virtual portion means I work using technology to complete your assignments; I don’t physically come into your office and work from a desk there. I work from my office which is located in my home.

How I work –
  •  I can remotely connect to your office computer to complete your assignments. 
  • I can maintain your newsletter via numerous webmail programs and the same with various shopping carts available.
  • I can provide maintenance & updates your website or blog.
  • I can type your letters, emails; design your brochures, press releases. 
  • I can make your follow up phone calls; send your emails, schedule appointments, book speaking engagements, plan a trip or vacation. 
  • I can maintain and update your social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many others.
And I complete all of these tasks using the Internet. I have a very high speed internet connection…so, just tell me what you would like me to do and I can do it!

Does virtual assistant cost more than an employee??

Yes and no. I would cost more than a regular employee.  But, I would only work when you wanted a job done.  When you hire me as your Virtual Assistant…you get a professional assistant that is dedicated to you 100%.  I complete your tasks faster, with accuracy and professionalism.  And when you don't need me...I am gone  :)

So, how can you save me money???

I don't use your office space or equipment.  And since I am not an employee.....you don't pay payroll taxes or worker's compensation, vacations, sick pay or holidays!
Are you are looking for someone who can...

Type programs
Create newsletters
Scan business cards
Data Entry
Direct Mailings
Online Customer Service (emails, chat, social media)
Offline Customer Service (inbound/outbound phones)
Article/Guest Posting Submissions
Blog Assistant
Social Media Manager
Ezine Creation
Content Writing
Podcast Editing and Submission
Website/Blog Design
Website/Blog Maintenance
Appointment Setting
Book Speaking Engagements
Desktop Publishing
Order Fulfillment (Physical and/or Digital) 
Then…you need to talk to or email me!  

I am the answer you have been looking for!

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