Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hunger Games...OMG!

I finally finished reading all of the Hunger Games books.

Sophie started reading them 2 years ago when my step-daughter Liz gave them to her when we visited in the Summer of 2010.  I knew Sophie loved them immediately because she could NOT stop talking about them!  I didn't start reading them until I saw the movie.

I devoured the first book, Hunger Games, in days!

But, as a busy Mom...I do NOT have time for relaxing reading.  So, I had to wait a while before I could read Catching Fire.  And Sophie was constantly.....READ MOCKINGJAY!

So, it's been a busy Summer here at VERY Busy Mom.  So, when I finished the Humane Society's BBQ last Saturday night...I promised myself a break and to read the final book.

So, last night I was at 84% on my Kindle.  I knew I had a busy morning so I scheduled time this afternoon to finish the book.

Sophie was bugging me with...are you done yet??

As a Mom who has been thru a lot!  It spoke to me differently than it did my 14 year old daughter. I have seen bad things, lived bad things....know bad things happen everyday.

When I was done...I felt empty.  Pissed!  But...sad.

It reminded me of life...the life of those that are taken advantage of for the pleasure of others.  I cried for Katniss, for Peeta, for her Mom, for Haymitch, for Finnick, for Prim, for all of the people that got fucked over in the book...which was everyone in every district and the Capital.

This...I tried to explain to my darling how life can be.

There are those that will go along with whatever someone tells them.  And then there are those that see the bullshit.  But try to believe the bullshit to survive.  And one see the bullshit for what it is.  And say no. can't tell me anymore that the sky is purple.  I know the sky is blue!  I know what I know!  Your bullshit is not working anymore.

If you have not read the Hunger must!  I know I was one of the last to read them...but....I loved them!

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