Wednesday, August 22, 2012

back to school....thank you JESUS!

Today was back to school for both of my kids.

Sophie is now a Sophomore and Nash is a 1st grader!

This has been a VERY long summer!  I was more than ready to get them out the door and off to school.

Both were very nervous about the 1st day.  Sophie was afraid she would not have any friends and Nash just didn't want to deal with people.

Sophie started the day badly because she almost missed her bus because she wasn't paying attention to the time...and the bus passed our house.  She went running down the street with binders, purse and in heels.  She is not a graceful child so...I was VERY concerned.  I grabbed my keys, Nash and I hoped in the HER in the van and speed to the bus time!

Nash was different.  We had to leave an hour before school started just to get a parking spot in the parking lot!  I have been at this school for 10 years....I know how it works  :)  We go to Starbucks, grab a coffee and a snack and wait in the parking lot.  Nash did NOT want to leave the car and just wanted to go home.  So, I set a timer...because they always work.

We walked to his class and said hi to Ms Kitchen and checked out his new desk.  I filled out paperwork and he proceeded to get MORE nervous.  We went to the playground but they sent us back to, that was it.  He colored and told me many times how much he loved his desk! you don't get homework on the 1st day....Moms do!  I spent 1 1/2 hours going thru papers, writing checks, plugging in dates on my calendar and signing my life 2 schools!

But...I am glad school is back in session!  May it last forever!

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